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    Night entry Freddy K Konx-om-Pax presents Contemporary Hardcore N.Beckett Paquita Gordon The Barking Dogs Michael Tan Altman Samantha Ambient breakfast Day entry Mano Le Tough Young Marco Gwenan Futuro Tropicale vs. Yanik Park Hiver /// RA Exchange In collaboration with Soundwall: Clubbing & club culture: dove è stata, dov'è e dove sta (forse) andando Milano Marco Sala - Polifonic Elisa - Tempio del Futuro Perduto Emanuele Zagor Treppiedi - Zero Albert Hofer - Le Cannibale Rocco Civitelli aka Rocoe Lele Sacchi Moderated by Damir Ivic (Soundwall) /// In collaboration with Nouvelle Collective: Gender equality and integration in the Italian electronic music industry. Nur Al Habash - Journalist & Shesaid.so Italy Founder Giubia Mantellini - Creative Content Producer & Member of Macao's hetero-dissident and trans-feminist laboratory Virginia W Ricci - Music Journalist, Promoter and DJ Katatonic Silentio - Sound designer, DJ and independent researcher in sonic arts, suburban cultures and gender studies Moderated by Mariella Tilena (Nouvelle Collective Founder) ///
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  • RA 24/7's next stop: Milan. We link up with the Polifonic crew to bring you the complete clubbing journey in the heart of the city. Expect international and Italian acts, discussions, films, croissants and more.
  • TICKETS: There are three types of ticket available. Night entry means you can come in anytime between 23:00 on Saturday and 11:00 on Sunday, with no re-entry. Day entry means you can enter between 11:00 and 23:00 on Sunday, with no re-entry. The Enter anytime tier means you can enter when you like, and leave and re-enter as you please. If you have a Night Entry ticket and want to come back the next day, keep the stamp for a reduced price on the door. /// We've all had those clubbing moments we’ll never forget. That perfect warm-up set. The familiar smell of the smoke machine. Sharing water with a stranger. Finding your friends in the dark. A surprise sunrise at the after hours. These experiences stay lodged in our minds and shape who we are. It’s these moments that inspire RA to do what we do. Throughout 2018, we’ll be working with some of the world’s foremost collectives and crews to celebrate the world of electronic music in all its forms. The extended, trippy daytime sessions, the chillout rooms, the techno dungeons—every part of the scene has its time and place, and we’re bringing them all together. In multi-roomed spaces across the globe, we’ll curate a range of disciplines across seven individual events, each lasting 24 hours. One day and one night. Local artists, live performances, films, installations, workshops, discussion and raves. Everything we love about electronic music, in one place. Twenty-four hours in our world. Milan is known the world over as a leading fashion capital, and to mark the occasion of our first ever party there we’re taking over the whole of the incredible BASE Milano, an amazing cultural centre in the heart of the city. Over 24 hours, we’ll be playing host to a number of distinct parties throughout the complex. Kicking things off will be a full on techno rave in the cavernous main space. Moving into the morning, we’ll have coffee and croissants, and various ambient acts accompanied by an AV show from one our favourite names in digital art. The day will stretch on with a series of films and discussions, and an intimate dance session in a different room of the building. Finally, we’ll move outside, for some house music in the sun from some of the biggest names in the genre. See you front left.
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