• RA's next New York party is a marathon, not a sprint. We've teamed up with Nowadays to book 24 hours of DJs, live sets, panel discussions and film screenings spread out across their indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ ALRIGHT, PARTY IS ON. FULL RUNNING ORDER IS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. OTHERWISE, THERE ARE A COUPLE THINGS TO NOTE... FIRST, THERE ARE CURRENTLY ONLY ADVANCE LATE-NIGHT TICKETS AVAILABLE FOR 4AM ENTRY. THIS GETS YOU IN FOR THE LATE CLUB SETS INDOORS (AFTER 4AM) AND THE AMBIENT SUNRISE SETS IN THE BACK YARD. THERE WILL ALSO BE TICKETS ON THE DOOR STARTING AT MIDNIGHT IF YOU MISSED ADVANCE TICKETS FOR THE FULL CLUB NIGHT. IF YOU'RE SHORT ON CASH (OR IF THE LINE IS LONG TO GET CLUB TICKETS) THE BACK YARD WILL BE FREE UNTIL 4AM. ADVANCE TICKETS FOR THE DAY PARTY, EXCHANGE AND MISTER SUNDAY ARE STILL AVAILABLE. WE WILL HOLD SOME TICKETS ON THE DOOR FOR ALL PORTIONS OF THE 24 HOURS EXCEPT PLANETARIUM. YOU MIGHT HAVE TO WAIT IN LINE, BUT WE'LL DO OUR BEST TO GET EVERYONE IN WHO WANTS TO TAKE PART. SEE YOU SOON! _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ 2018 is the first full year since NYC repealed its prohibition-era Cabaret Law, which had long been an albatross hanging around the neck of the city's nightlife communities. There is now a feeling of hopefulness and optimism as the city moves into an era where dancing is no longer regulated. To celebrate, we're teaming up with Nowadays and bringing together a host of artists to highlight the vibrant communities that make New York the amazing place for nightlife it is today – while also giving some nods to the city's vaunted past. Here's how it's all going down: PLANETARIUM When we start at 8pm, we'll be presenting a special edition of Planetarium, Nowadays' close listening session. We’ve invited Maria Chavez and Josh Dunn, two of New York's headiest selectors, to play sets interspersed with live piano performances from ambient/minimalist composer Bing & Ruth. In order to make this portion of the night as special as it can be, we're only selling a handful of tickets so that you can stretch out, lie on the floor and get totally lost in music. Bring pillows, blankets and sleeping bags to get totally stuck in. (Don't worry–you can put them in coat check when the next portion of the evening begins.) CLUB NIGHT At 12am, we'll pick up the blankets and launch into the proper club night, with three generations of New York DJs taking the reins–Stud1nt, Adam X and Fred P–for a trip to the deepest recesses of the dance floor until late morning. OUTDOORS AT NIGHT Meanwhile, Nowadays' garden will host Elbin Reyes, Shawn Dub and DJ Voices, some of New York's finest selectors, playing back yard barbecue jams, followed by a late-night silent film screening with a DJed soundtrack from Unscented DJ. The outdoors will be free and open to the public for this portion of the evening. LATE PARTY AND SUNRISE Whilst Adam X and Fred P are holding court inside, we'll host an ambient sunrise session with live sets from Umfang and Beta Librae and DJ sets from Fergus Clark and Love Letters in the garden from 5am. DAYTIME SESSION WITH THE LOT RADIO Starting at 10am outdoors, we'll have a session with one of the most essential staples of today's New York dance music community, The Lot Radio, featuring some of their all-start hosts – Llyodski, Darker Than Wax and Christine Renee. Whether it turns into a hang or a full on dance party, we're ready, and whether or not you can make it to the event, you'll be able to tune in to this portion of 24/7 online. EXCHANGE At 11am indoors, we'll begin a special RA Exchange series of conversations with some of the key figures from the past fifty years of New York's storied nightlife history. MISTER SUNDAY Come 3PM, we'll do what Nowadays does every Sunday – have an afternoon dance in the sunshine at Mister Sunday, the party helmed by Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter. HOW TICKETS WORK Each ticket tier has an entry time. You'll have access to every part of the event from the time listed on your ticket, but you must arrive in your allotted time - You can then stay as long as you, and you will be permitted re-entry, but you'll need to initially arrive in your allotted timeframe. For example, if you purchase a Planetarium ticket, you must come in between 8PM and 10PM. You can then stay as long as you want, and if you wanna head home for a disco nap, you will be permitted re-entry, so long as you arrived initially in your allotted timeframe - so essentially you're buying a ticket to the special Planetarium session plus the club night, the sunrise session, etc. If you purchase a Club Night ticket, you'll have access between 12AM Saturday and 8AM Sunday, and then re-entry until the end of Mister Sunday. If you purchase a Day Time Session ticket, you'll be required to arrive at Nowadays between 10AM and 3PM, but you'll have access until the end of Mister Sunday, and so on... Re-entry is allowed throughout the twenty-four hours. Just make sure you don't wash your stamp off if you head home for a rest in the middle.ach ticket tier allows you access the entire event from that point onwards. Re-entry will be permitted. See you front left.
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