Poly-Rythmo: Waxist (Favorite Recordings, SOL Discos - Lyon FR)

  • Venue
    • Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 698, 08010 Barcelona Barcelona, Spain
  • Date
    Sat, 12 May 2018
    20:00 - 03:00
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  • Attending
    • 9
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    Waxist (Favorite Recordings, SOL Discos - Lyon FR) DJ Beggé Sweet Charity Dj´s Sonido Tupinamba
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  • Poly-Rythmo Club is a proposal for black music lovers in Barcelona. A place where world grooves meet to delight you with disco, boogie, afrobeat, latin vibes and other funky flavors. Polyrhythmia is a form of composition, typical of West Africa but also present in the Caribbean and South America. Taking his concept as the basic DNA, PRC follows their music curation picks to the groove that makes your soul vibrate and your hips move with a State of the Art Sound-System. Some of the dj´s and record collectors that have played at PRC: Trujillo (Apersonal Music), Paulo Superfly (Superfly Records Paris), Charles Maurice (Favorite Recordings), Dj Zero, Carles Novellas (Paralelo3), Dane (CommonEdits), Victor Kiswell (Radioooooo) amongst others. Guest Dj´s: Waxist (Favorite Recordings, Sol Discos - FR) “I guess at some point you want to share the music you love & appreciate, and that’s how & why I started to DJ.” An eclectic selection made of well-kept secrets as well as timeless classics is what Waxist strives to propose in his DJ sets. His influence came from the owner of Goodka Records in Grenoble, who acted as a big brother, showing him the key records for a DJ and supporting his interest in diverse genres. Waxist’s collection has expanded from his love of Jamaican music from his teenage years to more dancefloor-oriented music genres. Growing up on the small French island of Mayotte with no record shops, he relied on the music he found in his home. Julien’s parents surrounded him with the sounds of The Wailers, The Clash to 70’s rock and psych rock. Careful with his technique, and the coherency of his selection, his sets are an invite to a dancing journey taking the audience from Modern Soul to Disco, through Caribbean or Brazilian sounds. Julien has been playing records across Europe, playing alongside Red Greg, Rahaan, Al Kent, John Morales, Sadar Bahar, Motor City Drum Ensemble or Jeremy Underground. Aside from DJing, Waxist collaborates with various labels or rarities reissue projects and/or edits, with Favorite Recordings with who he started a durable collaboration becoming responsible for A&R at SOL DISCOS. His issues are regularly played by the likes of Hunee, Jeremy MLIU or Antal and at major festivals. His mixes have been featured by Wax Poetics or French radio station Radio Nova. He is also a regular host at Le Mellotron with his show Serendipity Music and for the Lyon-based RTU with Love Penalty. Sonido Tupinamba (Poly-Rythmo Club), Dj Beggé and Sweet Charity Dj’s from London will take care of the warm up.
  • Poly-Rythmo: Waxist (Favorite Recordings, SOL Discos - Lyon FR) - Flyer front