Zone Collective presents - Mun Sing, Ridler, Sortsyn, Gel, LAF Tebano, Ro

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    Mun Sing, Ridler, Sortsyn, Gel, LAF Tebano, Ro
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  • Zone Collective will be celebrating their new Compilation Vol 1. release at Mayhem with shit hot music from their friends! MUN SING > One half of Giant Swan, Harry Wright has been slayyingg dance floors left and right (and a bit in the middle also) with his intensely fucked up bass driven dance electronics, with intensely performed dance moves! First time in Copenhagen, and on the Mayhem sound system we are super excited to see what parts of the venue are left intact! RIDLER > RIDLER is a non-trad proto acid punk project, one part dank 80’s industrial, one part rave dungeon with the strobes left on, strutting / soured vox with lyrics concerning themselves with 50 year olds being kicked out of Berghien, Hawaiian shirts, orchestrating an all female robbery and telekinesis. Half naked NSFW dancing visuals as a bonus. SORTSYN > Sortsyn is a journey into a dark and sinister world of screaming mechanical drones, heavy distorted stabs and bleeding overloaded machines. It is a massive wall of bleak industrial noise and an uncompromising celebration of dystopia. LAF TEBANO > LAF Tebano is one half of the artist duo Mette Hammer Juhl and Lorenzo Tebano who live and work in Copenhagen. As a musician and performer LAF Tebano is creating agro electronic, futurist punk. LAF Tebano’s music is dotted with hooks and dry vocals that bind together the spluttering blasts of haunted distortion heavy samples. GEL > Gel is produced and enacted by Karis Zidore, a dancer and choreographer, who lives and works in Berlin and Copenhagen. Her music sounds like deconstructed dance music dwelling on the constant displacement of beats and the friction between rhythms and soundscapes. RO > Ro is Chris Sheilds's solo project, he's one half of the awesome Danish project 'Vid Edda', and also makes computer music from the far future!
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  • Zone Collective presents - Mun Sing, Ridler, Sortsyn, Gel, LAF Tebano, Ro - Flyer front