On The House & Rebel Beats presents: Wiggle 24th Birthday (BMC)

  • Bau Wow Presents the Official Party for the 2018 Brighton Music Conference! The Brighton Music Conference (BMC) is the first annual electronic music conference in the UK run by the industry for the industry. BMC aims to keep the focus on education and networking. For those uninitiated with Bau Wow, we are the new-kids-on-the-block, the up-and-coming prodigy of the industry. We have re-kitted the area with a state of the art Marin Audio sound system, an elaborate lighting rig, and pioneer Nexus DJ booth. Due to this mindblowing redevelopment, Bau Wow is a space that can accommodate the diverse platter that is Brighton's nightlife. On the technical aspects alone, with a sound system of such power and clarity, the venue is a serious contender on the South Coast and its why we've been selected to bring you the Official BMC Party. On this special night On the House & Rebel Beats presents one of the biggest Tech House brands ever in the UK: Wiggle who are celebrating their 24th Birthday. with a huge line up
  • On The House & Rebel Beats presents: Wiggle 24th Birthday (BMC) - Flyer front