Edited presents: Radiophonic with Samuel Kerridge + Many More

  • To celebrate the BBC's ground-breaking Radiophonic Workshop, EditedArts have put together a multidisciplinary mini-festival, with live acts, DJs, talks, film screenings and more. The boundary-pushing lineup features Samuel Kerridge, rkss and AJA, who will all play at new Tottenham venue Down Lane Studios.
  • ● A day and night event - a mini-festival, a big party - at Down Lane Studios, a brand new multi-functional 400 capacity ex-industrial space in Tottenham, with a rocking Core Sound System ● Live musicians, DJs, talks, film screenings and multi-disciplinary artworks. Banging techno, enchanting ambient, trippy cult films, intense sound experiments, spell binding visual installations. Musicians and artists so far confirmed include: Samuel Kerridge, Sybil (SIREN), rkss, AJA, Jamka, Lia Mice, precocious mouse, Psychiceyeclix, Chris Christodoulou, William Primett, Cultures of Resistance, Matilda Skelton Mace (Universe of Tang), Shedload Theatre, Alex Billingham, Pete Treglown, Monica Tolia, Kara Blake, Sangam Sharma, Adriana Minu , Carol Breen, Antonio Roberts and Alex Juno plus more to be announced. ● A TRIBUTE TO THE BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP ON ITS 60TH ANNIVERSARY● On 1st April 1958 the BBC Radiophonic Workshop was established, the workshop is still producing and performing to this day. A lot has been said and written about the history of the Radiophonic Workshop - RADIOPHONIC looks to the here and now and the future, showcasing the work of new artists and musicians working at the boundaries of technology, sound and art (much like the workshop itself). LONG LIVE THE RADIOPHONIC! ●●● MUSIC ●●● - SAMUEL KERRIDGE (LIVE SET) - Samuel Kerridge is a pioneer in the world of rhythm and noise. He has earned a dedicated following for his expertly executed industrial techno, fusing Sunn O)))-like walls of drone with the chug of heavy machinery. From Berghain to Berlin Atonal to Fabric, Kerridge always blows crowds away. With releases on Downwards Records, Blueprint, Horizontal Ground, and his own label (and esteemed Berlin event series) Contort; Kerridge subjects his listeners to overwhelming waves of hyper-sensory stimulation. Whatever form his music takes, Samuel Kerridge continues to evolve, pushing the limits of sound and space. https://soundcloud.com/samuelkerridge https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/samuelkerridge - JAMKA (LIVE SET) - Monika Subrtova and Daniel Kordik, who first met as philosophy students in Slovakia. Jamka are part the slovakian Urbsounds Collective. Currently they reside in London. Using synthesizers, sequencers, samplers and various FX boxes, they touch on the darker side of techno, industrial and noise music, approaching it in their own uncompromising way. https://jamka.bandcamp.com/ https://www.cafeoto.co.uk/artists/jamka/ - SYBIL (DJ SET) - A dancer first, Sybil’s music embraces the ravey side of techno, favouring broken rhythms, low-swung electro, absurd acid trance, and anything with a breakbeat. Drawn to the feeling of 90’s dance music, her sets are peppered with records old and new, to collage together kaleidoscopic musical stories. Sybil started out djing as part of SIREN, the London collective she is a member of, who through their parties, zine, and NTS Radio show aim to re-define current preconceptions within dance music, whilst bringing to the fore those underrepresented in the scene. https://soundcloud.com/sybilmonique - AJA (LIVE SET) - Psychosexual rhythmic noise, tortured banshee wails and skullcaving drone, AJA specialises in sonic, visual and physical over-stimulation. Releases on Opal Tapes. With popular shows from Brazil to Portugal to Manchester. https://soundcloud.com/aja-ireland https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/aja - CHADD CURRY / DAHC DERMUR VIII - DJ / PERFORMANCE ARTIST / VISIONARY DAHC'S dj sets are musical paintings set to performance against experimental techno and industrial soundscapes ... He has shared billings with the likes of Orphx, Phase Fatale, Rrose, Choronzon, Samuel Kerridge, oliver ho and Ancient Methods and is an essential part of KAOS London and Khemia records. https://soundcloud.com/dial-m-iv-dermur/today-you-died - LIA MICE (LIVE SET) - London-based producer, DJ and instrument designer Lia Mice’s live sets blur the lines between weird dance, tech noir and experimental pop. Resident DJ at SE London audio-visual dance night ELECTROLOGHTS.AV, and a doctoral candidate at the Augmented Instruments Lab, Centre for Digital Music Queen Mary, Lia is currently designing hardware instruments and producing her third solo LP. Drawing inspiration from electronic music pioneers BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Suzanne Ciani and Laurie Anderson; analog hardware live performers Laurel Halo and Karen Gwyer; and AV artist-researchers Holly Herndon and Myriam Bleau, Lia has performed in venues and art spaces worldwide including the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, the Tate Modern in London, a Buddhist temple in Tokyo and a monster's birthday party in Rappongi. Lia’s live set for RADIOPHONIC is similar in style to her recent Tate Modern set - beat-driven experimental dance music using voice and samplers -using sounds inspired by BBC Radiophonic Workshop in the 1960s. https://www.liamice.com/ https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/liamice - RKSS (LIVE SET) - rkss is an alias of Robin Buckley, a London based sound artist. They hold German and UK passports. Their releases on UIQ, Alien Jams, Conditional and more have explored the materiality of film sound, YouTube and EDM sample packs through the lens of house, ambient and computer music. Robin Buckley also runs a radio series for Resonance Extra called Lossless Communication, which explores sound discovery in the internet era. Other recent work includes a live improvised performance with Claire Tolan in Berlin, sound design for the art website www.clubdead.io, and Brostep in the Style of Florian Hecker, a multi-channel composition available for download with limited edition lanyards and a game which offers a virtual environment for listening to the composition. https://soundcloud.com/rkss https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/rkss - PRECOCIOUS MOUSE (LIVE SET) - Caleb Wood, under the pseudonym 'precocious mouse' has been producing and performing experimental electronics for 15 years, using the diverse fields of Spiritualism and distributed networks as conceptual starting points for an aleatoric approach to composition. Aesthetically the pieces fluctuate between dusty, half-heard, microsonic constructions and minimal experimental rhythmic clicks, cuts, interspersed with bursts of fractured basslines. https://soundcloud.com/precocious-mouse https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/precociousmouse -PSYCHICEYECLIX (LIVE SET) - Psychiceyeclix since 2001 has made 6 ep’s/albums released on Cyborg Recordings, Doubledgescissor, Tingo Tongo Tapes, Future Music, Kiff Recording, Junkyard Productions, Fature Music, Dismissive Records, Linear Obsessional Records, Videopunks. He uses hundreds of different instruments/devices, he does not believe in any one style or technique. He tries to use a symbiosis of light & sound as much as possible, either light to influence sound or vice versa, some of my devices create visuals & audio simultaneously. He began rewiring & modifying devices since in 1999, first hacking samplers then rewiring keyboards, megaphones & anything that generates a noise! He sells various Psychiceyeclix bent devices on every corner of the globe!!!! www.facebook.com/psychiceyeclix www.psychiceyeclix.wordpress.com - William Primett - Will returns to Edited with his LIME insturment. For the final showcase, Animism iii meditates on its previous forms and how they've developed over time. The audience is guided through a ritualistic dialogue between the performer and their environment, gradually evolving into a shared state of thoughtless bliss. As this state begins to materialize, the latter division of the performance openly invites audience participation, setting the subject free from their own creation. ●●● ART ●●● - O SWEET DELIA - Originally developed for Black Hole Club's Transmission event, Alex Billingham’s performance piece O Sweet Delia centres around the Queen of the BBC’s iconic Radiophonic Workshop, Delia Derbyshire. The spirit of Delia uses outdated tech to mourn the death of analogue, inviting the audience to join her in smashing CDs, ‘The vile digital replacement’. Alex Billingham is a genderqueer performance artist based in the West Midlands whose practice sits where visual arts meets endurance and performance. Alex’s work has been performed at Word of Warning, HFWAS, Warwick Bar Fete, Black Hole Club, The WIG and Grasslands. http://alexbillingham.co.uk/ - THE LISTENING POST - The Listening Post is an imaginary future artefact that plays back recordings and sounds. This is possibly located on Earth, but has been placed there by an human archaeological team from another distant planet. Pete Treglown’s working methods involve painting, printmaking, sculpture/installation, video and sound. prtreglown.com - INDUSTRIAL SCORES - Monica Tolia is an interdisciplinary artist working in choreography, dance and score, computation, installation, sculpture and sound. She is currently a final year student on the MFA Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London. For the Radiophonic Festival, Edited Arts has invited Monica to do a site-specific work in the courtyard of Down Lane Studios. Industrial scores are a series of elongated steel sculptures installed throughout the courtyard guiding the visitors into the venue. A score in this regard pertains to both sound and movement: the abstract lines, twists and curves of the sculptures acting as both traces of performative moments within the event, and as choreographic objects instigating movement. www.monicatolia.com www.instagram.com/mon_tolia - TIMESPLICE - Timeslice uses custom software to slice and combine video, collapsing time and movement into new and fragmented planes. Each frame is a history of movement, comprising echos of previous frames. Found footage of abstracted movement is databent, sliced and mapped to a series of organza sheets to create a pulsing, three-dimensional light object. Matilda Skelton Mace is a London-based interdisciplinary artist. Her work uses light, space and geometric form as building blocks to explore ideas of imagined and virtual space in installations which span nightclubs and galleries, warehouses and forests. She makes sounds and installations with multisensory party collective Universe of Tang and has provided live visuals for Gottwood, Inverted Audio & Even the Strong. ●●●THEATRE ●● Alone aboard the U-boat 29, Lieutenant-Commander Karl Heinrich, Graf von Altberg-Ehrenstein pens his final address which details the events that have lead to the demise of his crew and his warship, which lies disabled at the bottom of the ocean floor. An eerie tale of madness, mutiny and an accursed ivory idol, adapted from acclaimed writer H.P. Lovecraft's short story, this Gothic Horror reading is brought to life by the immersive Foley sound effect experience of Shedload Theatre. Shedload Theatre is an East Anglia based theatre company who specialise in the adaption of well-known literature into dramatic Gothic Horror readings and original plays. ●●● TALKS ●●● - CHRIS CHRISTODOULOU, HAUNTOLOGICAL NOSTALGIA - (The lost futures of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop) Dr Chris Christodolou (University of Westminster) will explore the peculiar nostalgia evoked by the music of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop for a utopian future that has been irrevocably lost; a future contextualised in Britain by the post-war consensus and its attendant narratives of benevolent public service broadcasting, state planning and social engineering. It will illustrate the role of the workshop’s music in the cultural experience defined as ‘hauntology’ by Simon Reynolds and Mark Fisher. ●●● FILMS ●●● - THE DELIAN MODE - The Delian Mode is a short experimental documentary about the life and work of electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire, best known for her groundbreaking sound treatment of the Doctor Who theme music. A collage of sound and image created in the spirit of Derbyshire’s unique approach to audio creation and manipulation, the film pays tribute to a woman whose work has influenced electronic musicians for decades. Produced and Directed by Kara Blake, the film features interviews with Brian Hodgson and Dick Mills of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, the founder of Electronic Music Studios Peter Zinovieff, musicians Peter Kember (Sonic Boom), Adrian Utley (Portishead) and Ann Shenton (Add N to X) as well as other friends and colleagues of Delia. http://thedelianmode.com/ - SYNTHETIC PLEASURES - A rare chance to see a full screening of Lara Lee and George Gund’s film about the influence of technology on culture. Featuring Timothy Leary, RU Sirius, Lisa Palac and John Barlow, Synthetic Pleasures is exhilarating and disturbing and raises issues nobody today can afford to ignore. Is reality obsolete? Are we headed toward human optimisation or total system crash? With an all-star soundtrack of early-'90s electronica. http://culturesofresistancefilms.com/synthetic-pleasures - MONO (((❚))) - Shot in England, Wales, Austria and Slovakia, Mono is a film about monolithic architecture, monophonic music and the ancient female. A story is narrated in three languages (English, Welsh and Old Norse) by women of different generations and cultures. Musicians create opaque sounds to shape a film where sound, space and story merge and become one. Featuring the work of theatre and festival designer Buddug James Jones, actress Scarlet Sweeney, musician Joss Bromley (Lone Omi, Corpse Lights, Woe), performance and sound artist Christina Nemec (alias chra), Belgium Noise musician ASHTORETH, drone artist raxil4 and violinist Chrysanthe Tan, as well as the Icelandic singer Heiða Árnadóttir. A film by Sangam Sharma . www.monodronestone.com www.sangamsharma.com - DARK EERIE AND MANIC - Dark Eerie and Manic is a collaboration between Birmingham-based artists and musicians Antonio Roberts and Alex Juno. The piece combines analogue audio and video synthesisers with digital tools to create a short burst of noise that reflects on the personalities of the artists. Antonio Roberts is an artist and curator who uses technology-driven processes to explore issues surrounding open source software and free culture. His visual and performance work has been featured at galleries and festivals worldwide at Jerwood Visual Arts, London, and the Barbican. http://www.hellocatfood.com/ - LITTER RHYTHMS: AN ODE TO THE RADIOPHONIC - Carol Breen is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Dance Research at Coventry University and a member of Black Hole Club, an artist development programme at Vivid Projects in Birmingham. For An Ode to the Radiophonic, Carol has reimagined Delia Derbyshire’s sound collage/poem Falling from the dreams (1964) by remixing material from her on-going project Litter Rhythms. www.imagemover.co.uk. - GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE PHONICS - Adriana Minu is an audio-visual artist from Bucharest based in London, her work is indebted to Schaefferian heritage and focuses on moving image representations of sound for creation of new musics. An exercise into audio-visual perception and our ability to focus on individual instruments of an ensemble, Girls just wanna have phonics showcases a graphic audio-visual composition. Six acoustic instruments - piano, double bass, viola, trumpet, trombone and flute - follow discrete visual shapes of a specific colour. Interpreted independently of each other, the overall musical outcome becomes a product of combined subjective approaches. EAnalysis, a software developed for visual analysis of electroacoustic music is used to generate the visual score. This brings to the foreground the aesthetic value of specialised music software and what happens when tools intended for analysis are turned into the input for creation. https://vimeo.com/adrianaminu - Zach Schreier and Josie Turnbull - An audio visual piece centred around the Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Celebrity Waxwork Museum. Annexed in a brutalist theatre and sparsely attended, the museum recalls the Red Room of Twin Peaks, populated by ‘shadow selves.’ A liminal space between animation and (in)animation, the security guard’s paces feel blunt and loud. The lobsters in the green room have always bated breaths.
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