Oscillate Extended

  • Oscillate is back with another 24-hour session, this time with Auntie Flo, Telephones and Peach spinning in ://about blank's legendary garden.
  • !!!The tickets are selling out soon but there are more tickets in the Sunday event and we will be selling tickets at the door as well!!! https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1121612 ://about blank and the Oscillate reserve the right to refuse entry at their own discretion, and refund the ticket price (minus RA booking fee). Oscillate is now into it's 4th year. We got a bit greedy and will be hosting 3 events this Summer with two 24hr parties in June and August and one Sunday day party in July. For the first of our Summer series we are delighted to invite the wizard of combining world and club music, Auntie Flo to the garden. Joining him will be Norwegian balearic house maestro Telephones and Canada’s ascendant DJ Peach. We also welcome back resident Lola Luc for the honours of the garden opening ceremony. It won’t all be sunshine and lollipops though, during the night on the MDF floor Russian DJ Inga Mauer will thrust us into a whirlpool of industrial, EBM, new wave and techno. French artist Simo Cell will join her earlier on, melding UK sounds with his own bleepy cuts while newly enthroned Oscillate resident Johanna Knutsson will complete the night with her dreamy, spacey scapes. In the lobby things will be a little bassier and broken with Fictions radio show host Gigsta. Taking us through to the morning will be ‘On Loop’ founder and NTS regular: Moxie, before resident Kate Miller closes the lobby down as the first beams of sunlight break through the coloured glass and lure us all out into the garden.
  • Oscillate Extended - Flyer front