Chemtrail Party Mix presents: Garridge / Newcastle Upon Tyne Speed Donk Experience More

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    Garridge, Newcastle Upon Tyne Speed Donk Experience, phantom chips, DJ No Polite Name, DJ Swipe Right, Bad Eror Lad, Simon Jones Chillout Donk Experience, DJ Shitstomper, Kaizo Karaoke
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  • GET YER TIN FOIL LINED SUITS OUT AND GET READY TO CONSPIRE LIKE YOU NEVER HAVE BEFORE-CHEMTRAIL PARTY MIX BRINGS YOU A FULL BLOWN BANGING NIGHT OF DONK,BASSLINE,HARDBASS,GABBER,4X4 BASSLINE,HAPPY HARDCORE,SPEEDCORE,IRISH FOLK MUSIC,KAIZO KARAOKE,EXTRATONE AND PARANOID CHIP-EDGE MADCORE ----------HEADLINERS-------- GARRIDGE First time in Liverpool hailing all the way from London this mashup hero will be smashing pyah donk,hardcore and 4x4 bassline till your pulling your brain out your ears whilst yer jaw makes a run for the door. THE NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE SPEED DONK EXPERIENCE grindcore/punk/metal classics with a banging donk on,ghillie suits,animal outfits,and a pure disorganized cacophony of harsh vocals resighting your favourite donk lyrics and keeping it propa fucking EastEnders,howay fucking gan radge! PHANTOM CHIPS synth creator,propa circuit manipulator,tactile noise machines like you've never known... DJ NOPOLITENAME electro/techno/schranz/hardcore/gabber/speedcore....any music to dance,fuck or do the dishes to... DJ SWIPE RIGHT swipe right for happy memecore, donk and more. can irn bru melt through steel girders? #truth BAD EROR LAD irish folk kawai/j-/memecore from one of our chemtrail residents,dont forget,the stitching on his tracky was an inside job! SIMON JONES CHILLOUT DONK EXPERIENCE horrendously genius,awfully beautiful-music to pull a massive whitey to,what can we expect to hear this time,stilldonk? euphoric donk? you tube donk? extratone airhorn donk? get yer shirts off and put a donk on that mate! DJ SHITSTOMPER playing the finest in soviet hardbass/wigan pier/happy speedcore,smoke mega garys and chin yer best mate -------------------------------------------------------- CHEMTRAIL PARTY MIX EXCLUSIVE >>>>>>>KAIZO KARAOKE<<<<<<<<< sing along to your favourite tunes,though we mite have altered them a bit ;) FABULOUS PRIZES TO BE WON -------------------------------------------------------- CHEAP DRINKS,PYAH BUCKFAST AT THE BAR AND OUSTANDING VISUALS ALSO AT THE BEST VENUE IN TOWN,HOWAY FUCKIN GAN!
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