Illum with Max Cooper (Live) & Recondite (Live)

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    Recondite (live A/V set) Max Cooper (live A/V set) 79Ancestors (A.M. Architect, Deru, EFFIXX, Remote Memories) Marpi Christopher Schardt (LED Labs) ecco screen
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  • Tickets available at the door xo IllUM : to set alight The Midway is proud to present IllUM, a one night festival of immersive music, art, emerging technologies, and food. Presented as the spiritual successor to our Luminary events, IllUM invites attendees to embark on an unforgettable and interactive journey through visual, audio, and tactile art. IllUM will challenge perceptions, stimulate emotions, and celebrate the sense of discovery and possibility that occurs when the creative arts collide. // VIP // -Immediate entry to IllUM via priority entrance -Two drink tickets good for any alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage -Exclusive 7 - 8p VIP party in Envelop with performing artists, cocktail tastings, and passed hors d'oeuvres -Access to VIP lounge in Envelop until 10:30PM // MUSIC // Known for his quality and depth of composition and musical emotion, and brooding, densely melodic techno, Max Cooper will perform a Live A/V set as part of his Balance 30 release tour. His blend of the artistic and scientific schools of thought have steadily built him up to become one of the standout electronic musicians of his generation, and his mesmeric live shows blend dazzling, synchronized visuals that harness concepts borrowed from the natural world and from the mathematical structures of reality itself. A longtime collector of music, Recondite had his first experience with drum machines and hardware synths just a few years ago in a small studio next to the forest in lower Bavaria. His Live A/V set will feature the tough and experimental sound that has helped him develop a revered and established following. Cross-disciplinary label 79Ancestors (79A) was founded by a shared passion for sensory connection and communal experiences, and label artists A.M. Architect, Deru and EFFIXX, and Remote Memories will be showcasing their unique blend of music composition, performance art, cinema, and code. Early dub, downtempo, ambient & dub techno with Matt Hubert (In:Sight) & Peter Blick (Below Radar) // VISUAL INSTALLATIONS // Burning Man favorite and engineer turned LED artist, Building 180 family member Christopher Schardt (LED Labs) will be creating a custom iteration of "Constellation" a 6-pointed LED star canopy. Constellation is a smaller/indoor version of his well-known Firmament piece that has graced the Playa for many years. His pieces strive to be not just something interesting to look at, but a comfortable environment in which to be. Renowned technologist Mateusz "Marpi" Marcinowski will be showing Aquarium Project, the latest prototype from the San Francisco-based digital artist. The new interactive art installation will let anyone play with generative, underwater creatures, and create music in the process. His artworks are interactive, scalable, and multi-platform, giving anyone ability to shape them and create their own. SF-based projection artist ecco screen will be transforming G&M gallery into "Strands". Strands features a monochromatic aesthetic and a metallic texture that over time resembles narrow strips of tape, web-like strands, or generating a completely new quality. The behavior and physics of each strand change on its own accord that never repeats and is ever evolving. // PERFORMANCE ART // Interactive dance performance duo Lauren Bedal & Travis Bennett will be performing DUALITY on the main stage. DUALITY is built with OpenPerform, an open source platform for generating real-time, virtual dance performance with motion capture technology as well as other motion capture VR films. // CULINARY // At our onsite cafe Madam Zola's Fortune you’ll be able to contemplate and connect with other attendees while enjoying a unique menu created to amplify the IllUM experience. We’ll also serve special appetizers in the experience rooms specifically crafted to elevate the encounter. You’ll be nourished as your mind is fed with inspiration. The Midway is San Francisco’s permanent home for art, music, emerging tech, and culinary to collide, and IllUM is our signature event celebrating this powerful and transcendent creative energy in moving, living dimensions. Come set your mind alight.
  • Illum with Max Cooper (Live) & Recondite (Live) - Flyer front
    Illum with Max Cooper (Live) & Recondite (Live) - Flyer back