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  • Wednesday 6th June 2018 DVKA / Ruido Carvalho / Tullis Rennie / Laura Netz Ruido Carvalho Sound design, experimental, soundscapes. He manipulates and uses those sounds to recreate his experiences throughout sounds, melodies and rhythms with the objective of transferring the same feelings he had during those times. https://soundcloud.com/ruido DVKA Experimental Music Artist Experimental Sound Design / Noise Music to portrait the human experience on Planet Earth, 2018 https://dvka.bandcamp.com/album/there-is-great-chaos-under-the-heavens-the-situation-is-excellent Tullis Rennie Composition, Field Recording, Improvisation Tullis Rennie is a composer, improvising trombonist, electronic musician, and field recordist. His work encompasses sound installation, community­engaged participative projects, multi­channel concert works, video, mixed media and live/improvised performances. He is co­founder of Walls On Walls with visual artist Laurie Nouchka, and a founder member of Insectotròpics, an audio­visual collective based in Barcelona. He recently founded the multi.modal label with Claudia Molitor. His work has been presented at concerts and festivals across 15 countries, alongside national broadcasts on BBC Radio 3 and ResonanceFM. He features on recent recordings released by the Luminous label, ZeroWave and Efpi Records http://www.tullisrennie.com/ Laura Netz DIY electronics and strobe lights The artist uses optoelectronic oscillators which produce a repetitively modulated wave. The light sources control the circuits modulating the signal. In a sound/light integration, the modulation of tone activates an interactive system based on DIY circuitry. It is a self-generated sonic machine creating a syncopated, high-pitched, noisy beep. http://netzzz.net/medial-ages-live/
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