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    Electric Elizabeth Morphogenesis Clive Graham Clive Hall Adam Bohman Richard Crow John Wall Emilie Newman Laura Netz
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  • Wednesday 2nd May 2018 Electric Elizabeth / Morphogenesis / Luxul / Laura Netz Electric Elizabeth Contact mic, bucket, improvisation. In a live setting, Electric Elizabeth investigates the sounds they can make with a metal bucket, contact mic, vocals and the cheapest delay pedal they could find. https://soundcloud.com/electricelizabeth/tracks Morphogenesis Live electronic improvised With Clive Graham, Clive Hall, Adam Bohman, Richard Crow, and John Wall. http://www.stalk.net/paradigm/morphogenesis.htm Luxul Electric viola, effects pedals, human voice. Each performance is improvised and created from scratch often with minimal forethought, relying primarily on the feel of the moment and atmosphere of the location. https://www.emilienewman.com/luxul/ Laura Netz DIY electronics and strobe lights The artist uses optoelectronic oscillators which produce a repetitively modulated wave. The light sources control the circuits modulating the signal. In a sound/light integration, the modulation of tone activates an interactive system based on DIY circuitry. It is a self-generated sonic machine creating a syncopated, high-pitched, noisy beep. http://netzzz.net/medial-ages-live/
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