On the 5th Day: ASC, Svreca and Hydrangea

  • Svreca and ASC's brand of techno dwells in a seemingly endless sonic cavern, where the only flickers of light are low mechanical purrs and growls. They'll be taking the reins of Corisca Studios' recently revamped Room 1 soundsystem for a night of mind exploration.
  • TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR! Room1: ASC (2h hybrid) Svreca Hydrangea Room2: Tapefeed Pleiades Matt Hayes b2b Lucien Biscop What’s in store? Ethereal musical bliss! Once again, we’re inviting three artists who are each hugely inspiring and motivating to us, all working absolute magic in their own beautifully original ways, helping to keep the scene thriving and pulsating with inspired innovation and spirit. Separately, we have huge love and respect for all that they’re doing; put them together, well we have no doubts this will be one of the most stunning stories told at an On the 5th Day gathering so far. The incredible Svreca (Semantica Records label boss) will return for his second On the 5th Day residency appearance of the year and holding our other headliners in such high regard, we know this is going to be a very special night for him too. Joining him will be Hydrangea, a sensational DJ and producer based in France but making beautiful, earthly ripples on the deep techno and ambient realms around the world - her personal ethos which can be felt throughout her musical offerings being: “Look deeper into nature and you will understand everything better.” We couldn’t agree more. Finally, the fiercely talented ASC (aka James Clements) joins the line up to deliver a hybrid set. If you’re familiar with his music then simply seeing the name will most likely get your heart racing. With a musical career spanning over the last 20 years, across the realms of D’n’B, experimental, ambient and techno, ASC is renowned for pushing boundaries and never failing to inspire. We're flying him over from the states for what will be his only European performance of the trip and for someone who is more studio based these days, this is a rare opportunity to catch him in action. Three passionately talented artists perfectly personifying On the 5th Day, all with undeniable talents for capturing and communicating feeling through their music. This will no doubt be a highlight of the summer for London's techno scene. ★★★ FOLLOW US: https://www.facebook.com/Onthe5thDay https://soundcloud.com/onthe5thday ★★★ ADVANCE TICKETS: Available on Resident Advisor TICKETS ON THE DOOR: A small amount of tickets will be reserved and available on the door
  • On the 5th Day: ASC, Svreca and Hydrangea - Flyer front
    On the 5th Day: ASC, Svreca and Hydrangea - Flyer back