Cosmic Slop London

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  • After an initial nibble of the Pickle we're excited to return for salty seconds! COSMIC SLOP is a fundraiser run by MAP Charity. Check out the work we do in Leeds and our ongoing fundraising campaign to safeguard the future of the charity: Big love to everyone who has supported the campaign so far, we've had an incredible response so far this year! If you're not familiar, find out more about the Cosmic Slop and MAP Charity via this Resident Advisor article - - and this Stamp The Wax documentary - About MAP Charity: MAP Charity is a pioneering alternative provider in creative education, offering qualifications and first-hand experience to young people at risk of exclusion from the mainstream school system. Our vision is to inspire young people to reach their potential through a unique model which transforms how education and businesses interact, ensuring sustainable development opportunities. We believe in the transformative social impact of music and art within society, promoting cross-communication between cultures, communities and age groups. In light of the current threats to arts education provision, and with the skills gap currently experienced by the creative industries continuing to increase nationally, our work is more relevant than ever.
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