House Purgatorio: Borusiade Live

  • "Ma qui la morta poesì resurga, o sante Muse, poi che vostro sono" The Purgatory. Saturday, May 12. Bucharesitan Borusiade brings her new magnificent album A Body – released in March this year by Cómeme – to life in Riga. Vilnius duo 12 INČŲ PO ŽEME of Smala join in. Series curator Elvi Soulsystems teams up with Trashy Kid. DEE sets fire to the two large windows of the temple of dance music – ONE ONE. Raw. Dark. Live. Black and white. Purifying. House Purgatorio is an event series that dares to combine the seemingly guilty pleasures of electronic dance music culture with the aesthetics and conceptual oeuvre of classical art and literature. With a direct reference to Dante and the Divina Commedia the creators of the series use raw, dark, black and white imagery and musical manipulations to create a world within a world – a neatly structured isle of the classical within the tempest of spontaneity in a club setting and vice versa – the alive and daring in a world of where you thought you knew what the owls seem to be. The Purgatory is also engaging in a new partnership with Absolut starting with this event. We'll see where it takes us in the future but for now – expect stylish goodies on location.
  • House Purgatorio: Borusiade Live - Flyer front
    House Purgatorio: Borusiade Live - Flyer back