Crossroads 2018

  • Nothing says "rave" quite like Helena Hauff, DJ Nobu and Jeff Mills playing under a motorway.
  • Fuse, one of Belgium's longest-running electronic music institutions first teased details of its new festival beginning 2017, which was planned later on that year on Sunday July 9th. Held under a motorway on the outskirts of Brussels at Parc Des Etangs/Vijverspark. "Even if it was their first festival, you'd expect world-class bookings and a hassle-free time from a team with so much experience. But I was surprised and impressed by other aspects of their approach, like the site's cosy, DIY aesthetic—the only ads were for other festivals—and the crowd, who were warm, diverse and a little silly. (I lost count of the amount of people I saw try—and fail—to scale the ridge in one go.)" as written by Resident Advisor (CH) Guaranteed no fireworks, 100% focus on what is really essential - »»» Tickets: Practical: Line-up & time table: Presale till Sunday 12h00 Doorsale: €29 Rain or sun, we got you covered - Leave no trace #xrds18 #fusebrussels
  • Crossroads 2018 - Flyer front
    Crossroads 2018 - Flyer back