Up To Date Festival 2018

  • What is Up To Date Festival? Given its local social, economical and geographical settings it might be an enterprise that should not exist. Hidden from the hustle and bustle of big cities, the region of Podlasie, is simply unique. The heart of the north-eastern Poland is notable for its unchanged, placid landscapes, Europe’s last remaining primeval forest and rather exceptional cultural, transborder mixture of nationalities and religions from both: the edge of the EU and the neighbouring countries. The home of the festival - Białystok - has always been distanced from the rest of Poland. It is slightly bigger a challenge to reach it than any other usual festival location (no local airport) and the mentality of local authorities and parochial society does not always go hand in hand with the plans of organizers. However, when you visit, you get to experience the legendary Podlasian hospitality and the immeasurable energy put in the DIY creation of such a pioneering event given its conservative environment. Up To Date Festival presents stages with different music genres ranging from (carefully selected) rap through bass music and techno to ambient and modern classical. Created by local music activists who, every year, are putting an enormous effort into promoting music and art in an approachable and intelligible manner to attract not only those, who come from other cities, but also those, who did not have an opportunity to explore the world of electronic music. People who stand behind the festival are a tight group of friends devoted to both music and art. They hardly ever outsource (security being one of few exceptions) and no PR or event agencies take part in the process. Everything is dipped in sheer enthusiasm and long years of experience in promoting music and culture. Due to that, the festival has been noticed for its off-the-beaten-track promotion, mainly through the medium of viral videos and ideas that are (simply put) far from standard, which also result in art on stage and street. This September (7–8) we will be witnessing the ninth edition of the festival, taking place in two intriguing locations: the underground parking garages of Białystok City Stadium, Branicki Palace and Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic. The line-up that we serve would rather be encountered in some of the european capitals than in a town like Białystok. We are proud to having been able to gather up to 4000 attendees a day, with most of them being non-residential. It is not only a line-up that counts. We’re far from building the attendance solely on names of booked artists. We value the plenum of stimuli we make available to the crowd. Among them is a rare stage design and a whole story complementary to our promotion and line-up.
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