Social Joy at TRC with Mr Bongo, Lexus Blondin & Guilhem Monin

  • Social Joy returns on the 7th of April at one of our favourite venues - the Total Refreshment Centre in Stoke Newington. As usual the space will be lovingly arranged and curated to produce a friendly and welcoming ambience. We hope that by the time that Social Joy returns on the 7th April, the beautiful days and fresh air of Spring will be all around us and so it will be very fitting that the theme will be inspired by the spirit, vibrancy and energy of Brazilian music. To help us explore this theme we are extremely excited to welcome the legendary Mr Bongo. Mr Bongo have been discovering the very best grooves from Latin America and Africa since 1989 and they have a particular interest in Brazil with their own label. We simply can’t wait to let them guide us on the dancefloor for a 2h dj set as their beautiful and colourful music washes over us. We will also have on the line-up one of our good friends who has made a name for himself by running the highly regarded Total Refreshment Centre venue and the “Church of Sound” Night. I’m of course talking about Lexus Blondin who is an amazing Dj and someone who has that skill to play the right music at the right time. We are in no doubt that he will once again surprise us with his musical taste. The sound system of TRC is kindly provided by the amazing EPA Sound sound. They do some of the best sounding PAs out there, if you've been to TRC recently then you'll know what we're talking about. Crispy clear! We are aiming to bring a night of music and togetherness in a social environment where each individual is free to express their true nature. This creates a sense of wholeness and completeness rarely experienced in the modern world. The result is pure joy. Social Joy Decoration by Adrienn Peterffy 9pm - 3am Advanced tickets: £5 / £8 / £10 (more on the door) Door policy: CASH ONLY Total Refreshment Centre