Masquerave L.A. Warehouse Party

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    Skellytn, SuperBoss, Nelle, ??????????, Joro, Greymatter, N4A4Xbar
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  • You know what it is! All You Can Eat and Afterlife Entertainment are teaming up to throw one massive 2 story Warehouse party at a secret location in Downtown LA. Rooftop patio upstairs overlooking the LA skyline and one massive stage downstairs. Come turn the fuck up with us as we celebrate the beginning of Spring Break!! Rules: 1) No lines/loitering Outside!!! Lets not attract the wrong attention *cough* pigs *cough* 2) Handle your shit!! Ya we get it…. You want to party but so does everyone else. Don't make someone have to baby sit your ass. 3) Respect the venue. We've been fortunate enough to be able to throw something at this dope venue… it would be cool to come back to this spot 4) Gloves, hulas, glow sticks etc. is Super ENCOURAGED. 5) Ladies who hit GOING,, will get in for free 6) BRING THE VIBES & ESKETIITT
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