Hymns X Phillips Head

  • Turnt Tables & Phantom FKA Paradice III present.. FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH Featuring a slew of local & interstate disc jockey talent gathered together for what is sure to be a thrilling night in which to give yourself up to the dance. A night to throw off yr fears & merrymake some fun. THE DEEJAYS SENT TO FREAK YOU; LANNGMAN BASIC MIND CAPTAIN OSHI Swayed KNEES DEEP MAX BLACK Liz Walker X Sophie O Entry is $15 (door sales only) & also grants you the token you will need to enter the secret afterparty (details to follow) HYMNS (VIC) Cutting his teeth as co-founder and booking agent for the long-running Cool Room, Hymns has rapidly developed into one of the most exciting artists coming out of of Australia’s underground scene, even receiving a feature in XLR8R's list of 2017 best new artists. With a sharp musical focus on the intersections of electro, acid house and breakbeats, the Northcote-based artist has released on Salt Mines, LKR RECORDS, Momentary Records, and Play It Loud!. PHILLIPS HEAD (VIC) No ordinary screwdriver: enter the world of Phillips Head. Born and raised in Geelong eons ago but now (semi)-residing in Melbourne, P. Head thrives in utilising many wonders contained in the toolbox, a wide-spectre of sounds spanning across different worlds with the intent to conquer a dancefloor. When in the studio realm, P. Head transforms into different identities aka. Factor XIII and Cabrius. “[Phillips Head] is one tall drink of water, whose musical taste is as refreshing as the aforementioned beverage. Like water, his DJ'ing can change shape to fit into any environment. He can keep it icy cool or bring it to the boil. He's also made up of roughly 60% water.” – Leo James
  • Hymns X Phillips Head - Flyer front