Glowjob - UV Light Party

  • Venue
    • Willem Roelofsstraat 5-9
  • Date
    Sat, 14 Apr 2018
    23:00 - 05:00
  • Promoter
    Tutu Crew
  • Attending
    • 2
  • ̸


    Savvan, LyLou Dallas
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  • Tutu Crew wants to give you a GLOWJOB! Passionate, intense and with happy ending - just the way you like it ;) Get ready for some bright music beats to light up Amsterdam party scene! High energy sets from rising DJs will make you dance with your fellow fabulous night creatures till the break of the dawn. Put on your glowing leggings, pink tutus, neon harnesses or anything your rainbow heart desires. Splash some neon paint on your body, add an extra sparkle on your face - there will be plenty of UV lights to make you GLOW! No time for a costume? Come as you are - our own style and make-up queens will make you shine bright like a diamond! Bring your body an soul for a complimentary GLOWJOB session: ♢ Jaw-dropping explosive performances ‍♢ Glow face and body paint ♢ UV photo booth ♢ Lickable and suckable presents ♢ Neon club look ♢ Chill out outdoor space
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