Pure Immanence xx

  • Pure Immanence has become one of the city's best mid-week techno nights, and this month they'll host a live set from a star of the local scene.
  • pure immanence xx running order: 10pm–12am: haruka (NYC) 12am–1am: relaxer (live set) 1am–4am: pure immanence (extended set) "Never send down roots, or plant them, however difficult it may be to avoid reverting to the old procedures. 'Those things which occur to me, occur to me not from the root up but rather only from somewhere about their middle. Let someone then attempt to seize them, let someone attempt to seize a blade of grass and hold fast to it when it begins to grow only from the middle.' Why is this so difficult? The question is directly one of perceptual semiotics. It's not easy to see things in the middle, rather than looking down on them from above or up at them from below, or from left to right or right to left: try it, you'll see that everything changes. It's not easy to see the grass in things and in words....” –Deleuze & Guattari, from "A Thousand Plateaus" (23)
  • Pure Immanence xx - Flyer front
    Pure Immanence xx - Flyer back