Downtown Disco with Lntg, Dr Packer, Babert & Ian Ossia

  • Disco, funk and soul...we all know the originals but hearing the re-edits gives you that buzz and excitement that is reminiscent of the early dance scene in the late ‘80s and ‘90’s. For the hosts, this is a genre of music that has reignited the love of the music scene and by putting on this event, Downtown Disco would like to share the opportunity to be part of that scene. This is a singular boutique event for a select crowd that know and love this amazing underground movement, with a unique line-up never seen before in Leeds. Downtown Disco have handpicked three artists that have produced some of THE BEST RE-EDITS in the world. Our special and unique DJ line-up are flying in from Australia and Italy and playing at Downtown Disco so that we can create a vibe which will be imprinted in your memory forever. LATE NITE TUFF GUY Late Nite Tuff Guy is one of our favourite producers and DJs on the planet right now. The Tuff Cuts series have shown us how his loving hand can take seemingly untouchable tracks and draw something extra out from the source material, giving them an additional dance floor kick and an aural twist that has become the LNTG hallmark. Whether it be a major artist such as Prince, MJ, New Order, Bee Gees or something with a more Balearic heritage the results are equally irresistible. We have been following Late Nite Tuff Guy’s progress over the past few years and seen the reaction to his SoundCloud and consistent DJ support growing ever more solid and diverse. The modern production method he applies to vintage tracks, carries them into this century whilst grabbing the attention of a new generation of DJs and dance floors in the process. LNTG has some very influential supporters, Greg Wilson, Jackmaster, Heidi and Dimitri from Paris have been regularly playing a handful of LNTG tracks in any given set and their on-going support is testament to the quality of his work. LNTG launched his label Tuff Cuts and sister label Soul Cuts in 2013 and both met with an amazing reaction and each vinyl release has sold extremely well. The imprint / Late Nite Tuff Guy had 3 entries in Juno’s Top Dance Vinyl both in 2013 and 2014 and Traxsource rated him at #2 in their Nu Disco Top 100 artist chart 2014. Quite an achievement! Summer 2014 Late Nite Tuff Guy took a residency for Glitterbox at Booom! Ibiza and his sets were one of the highlights of the season, championing his disco meets house sound on the island, whilst winning thousands of new fans in the process. Being a massive New Order fan, he couldn’t believe his luck when they asked him in 2016 to remix their track ‘People on the High Line’ which kicked off a summer of success for him. DR PACKER Playing to audiences in Croatia, at Ministry of Sound and Glitterbox at the legendary Space in Ibiza, Dr Packer is an alias of Western Australia’s DJ Greg Packer who is considered as one of the pioneers of the electronic dance music scene in Perth WA. With a 26 year DJ career under his belt, countless DJ awards, 4 international DJ Tours, 16 years studio experience and a record label Interphase Music he is no stranger to the music business. In 2013 Greg began playing around with old Soul, Funk & Disco records in the studio and applying the same technique as if he was writing an original track and the results have been overwhelming to say the least. Dr Packer was born! Within months he had topped the Juno Sales charts and had been signed to labels such as Z Recordings, Disco Dat, Midnight Riot, Hot Digits, Masterworks Music, Good For You Records, Hotbox Boogie and caught the attention of big heavyweights such as Joey Negro, John Morales, Greg Wilson, Dimitri From Paris & Late Nite Tuff Guy. Each of his Surgery Edits series on Disco Dat have topped the Juno sales charts with sales increasing each time the next one gets released. His Reworks and edits have caught the attention of Bootsy Collins and Joey Negro resulting in official remixes. Joey also signed Dr Packer to his label Z Recordings letting him loose on his back catalogue material such as his Destination Boogie & Superfunkanova albums. BABERT In the 1990s after entering and wining a competition for DJ's announced by national radio, he met one of the most important DJ’s in northern Italy. He became one of the younger resident DJ for a famous place in Verona, the Queen. He grew up in the house music scene until the age of twenty-one, when another experience changed his life: his first flight to New York, where he encountered a wider musical scene and met world-famous DJ’s. He went on to become the pillar of the finest and most fashionable summer night-club in the north of Italy : the Coco Beach. Mirco's productions and DJ sets are representative of a great many-sidedness and extraordinary style, matching passion, energy with dreams and emotions. This DJ is a highly charged, full of energy, funky artist that is slamming out some absolute cracking re-edits right now. Babert was awarded Traxsource top 100 Nu Disco Artist 2015 ranking 68 and has work on theDisco Revenge, Solid State Disco and Enterpride Records labels. In addition, it is his birthday weekend, so in the words of his Kool and the gang rework- it’s time to celebrate and have a good time! IAN OSSIA Ian began his 25 year long DJing career at the hugely influential and extremely cool ‘Venus’ night in Nottingham, followed soon after with a residency at the super-club ‘Renaissance’ playing alongside top guests, such as David Morales, Danny Rampling, Sasha, John Digweed , Ten City. Very soon, Ian’s name and reputation grew not only in the UK club scene but also globally. Touring with Renaissance, Ian’s unique sound was being recognised worldwide - including US, Australia, Asia, South America and throughout Europe. Ian’s commercial releases include 2 CDs in the Renaissance series, with friends and colleagues Dave Seaman and Nigel Dawson. Recently, Ian has embraced the nu-disco genre of music, a sound that he is extremely excited and passionate about. For Ian, DJing was always about playing new sounds that created a buzz on the dancefloor. This will be the first time Ian has performed a set of this kind. Be prepared to be blown away as he uses his outstanding technical skills to mix these immense sounds of Nu-Disco to create some super awesome, bouncy and unique mixes. VENUE The venue is the MiNT Club in Leeds and in 2008 MiNT Club underwent a huge revamp which saw the introduction of a Funktion One sound system. As well as this, they also installed the illustrious LED laden ceiling referred to a ‘disco panel’ which mirrors that of the Berlin nightclub Watergate. MiNT Club’s ceiling is now a sight welcomed by thousands of clubbers on a weekly basis. Everyone will be able to enjoy these DJ's in an atmospheric, intimate and electrifying environment. This is going to be THE night of the year you don’t want to miss! The event is about giving the artists that ‘one off’ phenomenal gig they will experience and to give you guys the most awesome night of your life! Invite your friends, spread the word and get Downtown. This exclusive intimate event has a limited capacity so get in quick! Contact [email protected] Karen 07702 246139 | Mark 07957 477925
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