Gescu, Arapu, Mihigh, Paul K

  • Venue
    Club Midi
    • St Berariei 6, 400380 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Date
    23 Mar 2018
    Fri 23:00 - Sat 23:00
  • Promoter
  • Attending
    • 1
  • Gescu is not for the first time at Midi, and there's a very good reason why we brought him back: he puts color in his sets, with cheery highlights and mind-melting released & unreleased beauties. His musical pattern is drawn from the sounds produced by the local music scene, blended with his pick of international records. Mention his name to any clued up dancefloor connoisseur and they won’t mince their words: Arapu is a certified treasure. The electronic spaces Arapu creates are characterized by a straightforward style and its own seductive playfulness. The captivating basslines and driving synths are nothing more than the best fertilizer for his signature sound, carefully mixed at the right bpm to wake up the crowd's voracious hunger for dancing. Mihigh is a clear standout, his unhurried tracks selection and compositions creating an atmosphere in which your best navigation tools are your senses. Look beyond the big moments and you'll see a sound pilot with big ideas. Paul K makes it impossible to stand still on the dancefloor. His approach on music is a balanced blend between his vision and what the crowd expects, that being one of the reasons why he's so appreciated as a DJ.
  • Gescu, Arapu, Mihigh, Paul K - Flyer front