Fjernstyrt with Brian Ring & Jarle Bråthen

  • Brian Ring Born in Ireland, he is currently a DJ / producer based in Berlin. Starting his own career in the 1990s at the legendary Irish club "Sir Henry's", and co-star with Maurice Fulton, Daniel Wang & Linkwood and others to expand the place of activity. After releasing the work from Running Back Records, Freerange Records, fresh songs characterized by modern arrangements by a fresh organic funk guitar in a smart vocal sample are appreciated by many artists, including Mixmag Mix by The Black Madonna, and his tracks in TSUGI Magazine Mix of Alex From Tokyo. After that, in 2017, the band appeared in the Croatian festival "Love International", a track release from the up-and coming label "Berlin Bass Collective", major clubs in Berlin: // about blank, Prince Charles, IPSE, Sisyphos Play, and organizing "Simply Delicious" at the Paloma bar, and so on. His play that evokes a pure sensibility in what he sees is definitely leaving footprints in the disco and house scene in Berlin in recent years. Jarle Bråthen DJ / Producer / Curator hailing from the woods of Telemark, Norway. JB is currently based in Berlin spending a lot of time in the studio producing music and doing gigs in different venues around Berlin. With Marius Våreid, JB is a member of “Ytre Rymden Dansskola” and they have released several vinyl 12” and a full-length album on Prins Thomas label Full Pupp. Among other things, they produced the track “Head first Then heart” by Flowers and Sea Creatures on Buzzin Fly. JB has released solo tracks since 2007 and earlier this year he did a remix of “Offset - Disturbed” on Correspondant Record and his latest release is “Italo Mullet” on “Shack Your Body” vinyl compilation on Luv Shack Records. Expect strong tracks in the realm of Nordic disco and house with a personal energetic projection. Check out JB’s radio show “Fjernstyrt” 1st Friday of the month on
  • Fjernstyrt with Brian Ring & Jarle Bråthen - Flyer front