Frogbeats Jungle & Breaks with Liquid Funktion

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    Frogbeats, Liquid Funktion
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  • “Call it jungle music, call it drum & bass, Sunday night sessions, you know the deal, put the smile right back on your face.” Never a truer word spoken from jungle MC and jazz vocalist Cleveland Watkiss introducing Metalheadz Sunday sessions at the Blue Note. 1990s junglists evidently never took much notice of Mondays. Frogbeats don’t intend to neither. Get lost in the basement of the Subclub with the crew that knows all about delving into jungle at 22 Jamaica Street... Back in 2013, Frogbeats night Unleash the Beast drew in a dedicated crew of steppas. Now the collective are back in full force, ready to bring drum & bass to Subby’s famous wall of sound once again. ROUND 3: This time we have invited some of Edinburgh’s finest drum & bass selectors Liquid Funktion into the Subby booth. These guys are renowned throughout Scotland for delivering sick parties and silky drum & bass. It's safe to say we are buzzing to bring them to Glasgow!!! Let's have it!!!!