10 Jahre Luft und Liebe Open Air Festival

  • The Luft & Liebe Festival takes place every year on the former site of the Krupp Villa settlement, now the Villenpark Rheinperle. Over the last 10 years it has developed into one of the most unique festivals in Germany. The almost 10,000 visitors each year feel the personal and affectionate flair that the organizers breathe in their festival each and again. Much love, sweat and here and there sometimes a drop of blood are shed every year to transform the Villa Park twice a year into a great home. Every year, a lot of effort is made for the selection of artists and it is always possible to guide visitors to NRW who are especially seldom seen. The party people dances until the early morning between the more than 100-year-old villas and even older oaks, with the atmosphere more like an oversized garden party than a classical festival. If you are hoping for large stages with LED walls, you will be disappointed. But if you are looking for the flair of the special, this is exactly the right place. Lovingly designed decorations, crazy animators or very special dancers will make a festival day unforgettable. At the Air & Love Festival The guest is in the foreground and the attention to detail plays the most important role in the organizer's eye. In the future, you can also look forward to the rich basses of international top acts and warm party nights in the Villa Park. PS: The Air & Love Festival is weather independent every year and builds up large tent palaces so that the festival can take place even in bad weather
  • 10 Jahre Luft und Liebe Open Air Festival - Flyer front
    10 Jahre Luft und Liebe Open Air Festival - Flyer back