Subland 7th Birthday / 100 % Drum and Bass

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    Disprove (IT) Art1fact (UK) Section 63 (UK) Wresker (D) Sinjo (NZ) RiseAb DnB (D) Sonair / Lost in Music (D)
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  • ✩ SUBLAND 7th Birthday ✩ Whoever has experienced Subland and the events of the past, definitely has got some memories.The Subland Club was unique and if you liked bassdriven music, it was the place to be. Let us turn back the time and revive the past. Even if SUBLAND is no longer part of the Berlin club landscape, the spirit is still present. For this reason, the 7th birthday offers the perfect opportunity to turn on the power amp to re-connect all friends of the night and bass players. SUBLAND will be there for you in this new form. We continue the SUBLAND EVENT SERIES and serve you some of the best, the Drum and Bass Elite has to offer. It will be LOUD, HARD and FAST! The 21th of April 2018 is the date to bring back the old feeling. So save the date and mark it in your calendar! It is the next step of a long series of events where no eye will remain dry. Be part of it and lets shape the future as a family. Celebrate with us the 7th birthday of the Subland. The Evilution Agency took care of all needs! Rejoice on a decent portion of bass, while hard drums pin down on you. There’ll be no turning back and no pardon. Do not miss! Get ready! For you only the best! SUBLAND RESURECTED!
  • Subland 7th Birthday / 100 % Drum and Bass - Flyer front