Under the Tree with Walid Nehmé (Fibre)

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    Walid Nehmé (FIBRE)
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  • Welcome to ‘Under The Tree’ / ‘تحت الشجرة’ / ‘木の下’ music gathering, curated by Walid Nehmé (FIBRE) and hosted at Khazzan x Cadillac. Just like it sounds, we’ll be gathering under the beautiful tree of Khazzan Park on Saturday the 17th of Feb for a music listening session while we can still enjoy the Dubai outdoors. The purpose of this event is to spend quality weekend time with family and friends while listening to good music. So get your kids, friends, blankets, dogs and books and enjoy the day out on grass under the sun with some hot coffee, tea and food. Having been co-curating his independent publication FIBRE - a non-profit project sharing creative writings and photographs, exploring the music culture, Walid Nehmé is constantly searching for ideas that never were and so far from being real. Those ideas often develop into news-like photographs, editorial content, theories, short stories and extensive research papers about the effects of music on the human psyche that are seldom shared with a big number of people. His simple music record collection is a perfect representation of his personality and mood that changes more often than not. - Artwork design by Salah Sadeq.
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