Samed Songkran Hideaway 2018

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  • 💦 Get out of Bangkok and on to a tropical island for your Songkran holiday! 💦 We do it again! For the second time we do our Samed Songkran Hideaway on the stunning island of Koh Samed at Bar and Bed (Koh Samed) ! _________________________________________________ Click 'GOING' now What better way to spend Songkran than with a bunch of great Bangkok friends, House & Techno music, BBQ's, sunset drinks and partying at the sea-side! We've got the perfect venue: on the north shores of Samed, at Ao Noi Na is the purpose-build beach-club, 'Bar and Bed (Koh Samed)', complete with its own private beach, swimming pool, water-fountain dancefloo and other cool stuff... Around the party venue there is a selection of resorts within stumbling distance, and travelling to the island itself is super-easy; with a bit of luck you can be there in just 2.5 hours from Bangkok. ☀ DJ LINEUP ☀ 13th of April Jenee Hanako [Soul Night Live Global] Sebastian Pedro [Wing Nation] Road To Mana [Sweatbox / Privi] Lee Van Willem b2b Kno Millican Azat Sagirov [Future Sounds] ADVA [Sound Addiction] Jamie James [House Jam] DJ Richie [Elektro Delikatessen] 14th of April Will Tonic [Ce la hive] Aneesh Medina [Elektro Delikatessen] Systimatic [House Jam] Radio Rental [Black Lizzard/Pukka Up] b2b Circuit Breaker Roulio Aittouares [Glow] Jules Blons [Elektro Delikatessen] Dj Zidov Akuma [Elektro Delikatessen] TipTap [Urdio] _________________________________________________ ☀ TRAVEL TO SAMET ☀ BUS: minibus is faster than the big bus, big bus is more comfortable BOAT: ask other travellers at the pier if they want to share a speedboat, it's faster than the big boat but more expensive ☀ ROOMS ☀ Book ASAP - many places are already FULLY-BOOKED
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