Jams with Ciel

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    Ciel Geoff K NLP
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  • Natural Language Processing and WSUM 91.7 FM are happy to present another edition of JAMS to get you grooving. This time we have a very special guest from Toronto! Ciel (Peach Discs / Discwoman) As a youth, Ciel spent her days practicing Czerny drills and late nights exploring college radio. Her curiosity for new sounds beyond her isolated and disciplined conservatory upbringing has led her on a journey through diverse styles like post punk and shoegaze, acid house and techno, a journey she's still navigating today. Her love of music and community-building inspired a foray into college radio, which soon blossomed into a passion for DJing. Reflecting her classical background and a diversity in taste, Ciel's sets have been praised for their versatility and dynamic restraint. Her affection for both the dreamy and the strange has led to bookings at the legendary Smartbar in Chicago, Buttons in Berlin, and Hot Mass in the PGH, and warehouse raves all over North America. In 2017, she also delved into production, releasing tracks on Marshall Applewhite's new imprint Junted, the benefit compilation Power Puerto Rico, and a three-track EP on Shanti Celeste's label Peach Discs. Despite the release being some of the earliest music she's ever produced, Electrical Encounters was praised for its dreamy, evocative quality, and ended up on multiple year-end lists, including both Fact Magazine and Resident Advisor. Local support from NLP and Geoff K (aka Mr. JiggyJamz Vinyl & CDs)
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