Thomas Melchior (DE), Pelle (NL), Herra (NL)

  • Any list of the most distinctive sonic stamps in dance music right now has to include the hi-hats of Thomas Melchior. Whether open and splashy or cinched with solemn resolve, they mark Melchior's best tracks as the work of a producer with an uncanny understanding of what makes house music work. At a young age Pelle got involved in music that is driven by grooves and electronic sounds. He got really into electronic music when he saw artists at festivals all over the Netherlands creating spheres he never experienced before. Not long after that he started putting his own mind into making this style of music. Having created his own deep groovy sound he has been scattering his tracks all over the world. Finally we have Amsterdam based Herra, who was a big fan of old-school house in his childhood, has a love for the deeper house and techno and is not afraid to drag you in with him. We are so ready for this! ◉ € 9,50 early birds (incl. service fee) ◉◉ € 15,20 normal tickets (incl. service fee) ◉◉◉ ◉◉◉◉ Exploring house/minimal music