Girls.go.Play mit White Lie

  • White Lie hails from Sweden but started DJing in Berlin in late 2014. Her perfect blend of soul, jazz, disco, funk, and house is always carefully selected by this DJ turned party promoter, humble record collector and occasional radio host. What started out as an experiment and a cheeky way to poke fun at Berlin's male-dominated techno scene quickly took her further than expected. Perpetually experimenting, she doesn't shy away from any challenge and always wins over the crowd, whether they like it groovy, mellow or bouncy. A jumble mélange; from saxophone to rap via boogie. True to her digger vibe, she has appeared on stations like Rinse France, Hotel Radio Paris and Le Mellotron, where she regularly shares her warmest finds. However, her talent fully reveals itself on the dance floor where, always trusting her gut, she lets herself be driven by impulse and the atmosphere in the room. Emma is also organising the disco event Dear Dancers Disco Clubs (DDDC) with the goal to bring together female identified vinyl DJ's for extended sets.
  • Girls.go.Play mit White Lie - Flyer front