Elevator 2 Years: micro/wave pre. Rio Kawamoto

  • Venue
    • 218 Xinle Lu, 4F, Near Donghu Lu
  • Date
    Thu, 5 Apr 2018
    22:00 - 05:00
  • Promoter
  • Attending
    • 9
  • "...the common thing about all parties: dance, something that belongs to anyone in the whole world. It’s inside our body – you have six months listening to industrial techno inside the belly of your mother. Your heartbeat, the heartbeat of the mother, all these gastric waters surrounding you – together it sounds like Basic Channel. And the experience in the club is very similar to the experience in the belly of your mother: being enclosed, listening to this music. Music is responsible for us still being alive as humans – it really helps us not to kill each other.” - Riccardo Villallobos Hard to believe we've been going up and down for two years. It's been a fierce run of dancefloor workouts - we're celebrating over three days, with two international guests we've been dreaming to dance to - it's one really good reason to rave. The second night, micro/wave brings in one of the Japanese DJs quietly leading Tokyo's thriving minimal scene - Rio Kawamoto. With releases on INIT, Sakadat and What Now Becomes, Rio's skills in the studio and behind the decks - going long, late and deep - are whispered about in aferparty circles; can't wait to see what bombs he packs in his bag for his first China appearance. Support from micro/wave residents Thomas Futoso, Leon C and MIIIA.
  • Elevator 2 Years: micro/wave pre. Rio Kawamoto - Flyer front