Attic x Stanley's

  • So, we're back in action at Alex Ludlow's weekly project at Stanleys on Stanley—this time for an official Attic-themed takeover. You know the score by now... expect our signature sound of low-slung deepness with a disco edge; this time, over the course of the entire evening! This is all taking place on Friday, 23 March... Line-up, as follows: Andrew Fazzolari Brendan Clay Tooz Enuf --- About Tooz Enuf: Also joining us on the bill is 'Tooz Enuf’, a local up-and-coming duo made up of Mark Hamilton and Josh Evans. Mark and Josh are a couple of young, fiercely loyal supporters of Attic, who embody the virtues for which our fair brand stands: digging deep to find quality tunes, uncompromising on taste, and having a great time while you're doing it. Like us, these two possess a thirst for the low, slow, disco-driven house selections, and aren't too shabby on the 1s and 2s, either! As such, we’re thrilled to welcome them aboard. We'll be kicking things off nice and early at six o'clock and running the tunes right throughout the evening. Come and join us for an end-of-week beverage and a boogie... --- About Attic: 'Attic' is the brainchild of Sydney jocks, Brendan Clay and Andrew Fazzolari; devised as a medium to promote their love for low, slow grooves, thick basslines and loose percussion. Attic is tailored to those searching for an avenue for deep, soulful, disco-infused and melodically-centric house music. Fundamentally, its focus is the promotion of quality, hand-picked local talent; while regularly welcoming selectors from around the globe, mirroring its ethos and vision. Since its inception, Attic has hosted four standalone events—featuring renowned artists, Fouk, Nachtbraker, Folamour and Laurence Guy—as well as appearing all around Sydney for invitational takeovers, radio appearances, and exclusive showcase sets. 2017 was a positively memorable first full year of Attic action; the boys' enthusiasm and insatiable appetite for quality house music continue in full swing... deep • low-slung • disco --- Stanley's is located at 79 Stanley Street, Darlinghurst.
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