Elevator 2 Years: Ata / Knopha / Mau Mau

  • "...the common thing about all parties: dance, something that belongs to anyone in the whole world. It’s inside our body – you have six months listening to industrial techno inside the belly of your mother. Your heartbeat, the heartbeat of the mother, all these gastric waters surrounding you – together it sounds like Basic Channel. And the experience in the club is very similar to the experience in the belly of your mother: being enclosed, listening to this music. Music is responsible for us still being alive as humans – it really helps us not to kill each other.” - Riccardo Villallobos Hard to believe we've been going up and down for two years. It's been a fierce run of dancefloor workouts - we're celebrating over three days, with two international guests we've been dreaming to dance to - it's one really good reason to rave. To kick things off, we've invited Ata, boss man of the legendary Robert Johnson club. We saw him close Japan's Rainbow Disco Club set in 2015 and have been obsessed with bringing him since - it's the best birthday present that this label-boss (Playhouse, Klang, Live at Robert Johnson), graphic artist, fashion designer, restauranteur and dad makes one of his rare trips to Asia to help us celebrate. He'll be supported by Beatween's Knopha and Medusa / Co:Motion co-founder and Elevator's music director Mau Mau. The second night, micro/wave brings in one of the Japanese DJs quietly leading Tokyo's thriving minimal scene - Rio Kawamoto. With releases on INIT, Sakadat and What Now Becomes, Rio's skills in the studio and behind the decks - going long, late and deep - are whispered about in aferparty circles; can't wait to see what bombs he packs in his bag for his first China appearance. Support from micro/wave residents Thomas Futoso, Leon C and MIIIA. The closing party is about friends - a residents' jam featuring MEDUSA's qween Michael Cignarale, a rare set from REHAB's Jung and Kelly, VOID's Nmlss and Provoda going back to back, plus Co:Motion residents Finascia and Diamond Lil, with visuals from VJNY.
  • Elevator 2 Years: Ata / Knopha / Mau Mau - Flyer front