Volk [Hadone, EKLPX, PONA]

  • VOLK is a night dedicated to one thing, showcasing the very best in new, underground talent. Bringing the alternative sounds of Techno, Acid and Industrial to the people. Born from a love and passion for the music and events, VOLK promises to create some of the most cutting edge lineups today to form the most intense nights to be had in London. We open our first night with three rising stars from across the channel making their UK Debuts. Hadone, EKLPX and PONA. Hadone is a formidable act with 3 years of constant production and a wicked sense for DJing. Combining a blend of 90’s techno and fresh new sounds, Hadone has released on labels such as Discrete Data, Archivio01 and CodeIsLaw with support from acts such as, DaxJ, Reflec, SHDW & Obscure Shape and Charles Fenckler. This marks his first venture to London for a no holds barred set made up of a mixture of vinyl and digital. EKLPX has been making waves in dirty warehouses across France with her sound and is starting to spread out to places like Germany, Belgium and her newly announced tour of Columbia. Not only producing some of the finest slices of techno and acid, her skill in blending tracks together and forming a journey in her sets gives her a trajectory to go far and she has no signs of slowing down. PONA is a unique, relentless live acid performance from the south of France. Constantly refining and expanding his sound, PONA releases some of the wildest and roughest acid tracks around at the moment. Destroying warehouses and festivals, he brings a brand new live set for his London debut which promises to be some of the hardest and most energetic sounds to be heard in London to date.
  • Volk [Hadone, EKLPX, PONA] - Flyer front
    Volk [Hadone, EKLPX, PONA] - Flyer back