Social Spot

  • Venue
    • Kyiv, Nyzhnoiurkivska, 31
  • Date
    8 Apr 2018
    Sun 16:15 - Mon 10:00
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  • Amazing Stories Press Dear friends and music enthusiasts, Welcome to a retro-futuristic edition of Social Spot, as our traditional Sunday collides with an extraterrestrial experience from a galaxy far far away... Kicking off our first Sunday gathering of this year are two incredibly talented cosmic surfers. They are armed with radioactive records and alien technologies, ready to ionise the rooftops of Mezzanine (the prior being a DJ set and the latter consisting a live set). Both of them are familiar with our system and together, they will tell an inter-dimensional story that will be truly Amazing! Please give a warm, earthling, welcome to Riccardo and Cobert! Riccardo first met electronic music at the age of 14, where he set aside his classical guitar in favour of the turntables and started to explore the world of music production. He moved to London, where he honed his technique in music production and sound engineering and in 2012, Riccardo founded his own label: Imprints Records, followed by Metropolita recordings and (his latest) Amazing Stories. We are left speechless when describing Riccardo's sets - the best way would be remind you of our Social Spot with Domenico Rosa since they are a dynamic duo 😉 Cobert (aka George Koberidze) is an upcoming Georgian artist that packs a punch with his live sets. His first vinyl release on Riccardo's Amazing Stories Vol.2: The Act Of Micro-B showcases freaky, freaky grooves that further solidified our love for this label, its sounds, the overall concept and, most of all, the artists it brings to light. Most recently Cobert shared a release on Anthea's label Partisan Vol.7: Forever Friends. This will be the first we have a live set on Social Spot, let alone, one from Cobert! Muscut (plays records) can be best described as a collection of meticulously chosen sounds that orbit in binary clusters by Dmytro Nikolaienko. They are overflowing with experimental textures, downtempo beats and hypnotising sensations. His label displays a wide array of music concrete and music avant-garde. Do not be late to widen your horizons because Muscut will be first to light things off at 0420 pm. Readjust your antennas and tune in for an Amazing Social Spot! Peace, love and beyond... THP P.S We will join our guests (as is tradition) and Easter Monday is a sacred day-off 😉
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