Groin (Deep Space Manoeverus)

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    Deep Space Manoeuvres: Jozef Tuszynski - Tuszy Joe Mountain - Shãn Toby Bower - Everett
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  • GROIN - A NEW STRUCTURE WITHIN CORSICA STUDIOS Every Tuesday providing a physical platform for artists and DJs - see the club transformed in a very tangible way. Each week will feature new visual artists work, presented in an interactive manor, and new DJs handpicked and selected to bring you the best sounds from every genre up and down the country. Manchester based collective Deep Space Manoeuvres (Everett, Shān, Tuszy) carry with them their own take on techno, favouring all things electro, broken beat and left field. Ranging from eerie chuggers to the breakneck speeds of Mr Stingray, these three can cater for it all. They are founders of Manchester's Pagoda parties, cultivating a mixture of intricate live sets, hair raising visuals and a forward thinking music policy. Every Tuesday at Corsica Studios
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