Analog Africa & Eli Pavel & Coco Maria & The Spiritczualic Enhancement Orchestra

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    Konzert: The Spiritczualic Enhancement Orchestra DJs: Analog Africa Eli Pavel(Oye/Kreyol) Coco Maria(I Dream Of Piranhas/Kreyol)
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  • Eli Pavel is working for OYE Records and is specialized in Afrobeats. In fact she loves a mix as eclectic as possible and connects different styles in her sets while keeping lots of bass and interesting breaks. Eli is a real vinyl tiger and true selector, drunk with music. For a decade now, Samy Ben Redjeb’s seminal Analog Africa label has been unearthing the best in both explosive foot-shufflers and hypnotic sauntering treasures from Africa. It’s achieved more than most in celebrating the rich and diverse heritage of a much misunderstood and overlooked continent. Samy has spared nothing in his pursuit of choosing authentic and eye-opening choice records. His lifestyle and string of various jobs—from a Life Aquatic sojourn as a diving instructor in Senegal to a stint as a Lufthansa flight attendant crisscrossing the Lagos-Addis Ababa-Accra arc and beyond—have all been centered on a passion for crate digging. Coco Maria is a colourful lady from the north of Mexico shaking down the Berlin scene with her classy and funky record collection mainly from Brazil, Peru, Colombia and The Antilles. Her soulful and mellow selection, mixed with her unconditioned energy behind the decks will keep your feet busy while making your mind embark on a trip to the warmed sides of the musical world. The Spiritczualic Enhancement Orchestra is a musical ensemble rooted in the ‘Spiritczualic’ idea of its members. Together with the Surprise Outernational Artists Association they create unexpected and improvised concerts emphasizing the ceremonial ritual of collective-musical-transcendence. The group was “Self-Established by Higher Sources”, as they phrase it, during the 2017 Winter Solstice (aka Christmas), a period of Rebirth into Unifying Novelty. Drummer Nicolas Sheikoleslami and Keyboardist Omri Shmulewitz had met 3 years earlier, at the “Karl Kutter” stage of the Fusion Festival in Germany. After intending to merge their musical forces for quite some time, Nicolas had the strong intuition to do so in Jerusalem. From there, the founding duo embarked upon a psycho-magical exploration in dream-reality, as Omri and Nicolas felt a coming together of elusive fates and interwoven cues. This guiding “star allegiance” aspect is at Spiritczualic’s core, as they envision a universalizing concept of organic-spirituality -- which defines itself in the manifest unfolding. Searching for a room to rehearse and record in, they come across a magical and abandoned building, where once upon a time the Talmud was translated. They meet ‘Aladdin’, a master-builder who helps them create a secret and impeccably acoustic, noise-proof room. He then joins the band on guitar. It is by such ‘intervention’ that the rest of the ensemble comes together - bassist Gilad Levin and custom-soundsource-maker Sasha Lee. Briefly after quitting a professional orchestra, knowing it would lead ‘somewhere’, and with the ensemble searching for exactly this instrument, Yael Lavie joins on Qanun - the day before their premiere. As with all their escapades, everyone may witness the synchronicities the Spiritczualics find at play. Or rather, “how they play upon us”, they would say. Due to government intervention with the abandoned building they had established for the needs of the Spiritczualic Enhancement Center, the movement's leadership - together with the Surprise Outernational Artists Association - decided to embark upon an international tour. Expect the unexpected as new venues and artists are drawn into the transmutative allure of this strange-as-life ensemble.
  • Analog Africa & Eli Pavel & Coco Maria & The Spiritczualic Enhancement Orchestra - Flyer front