Infinite Livez presents: Rona Geffen – Live

  • Following the release of Rona Geffen’s new album Blood Of My Blood comes #B.O.M.B., an immersive live show combining uncompromising luscious hard sound and musical vision. Based on tracks and songs from all of Geffens‘ albums and musical projects #B.O.M.B. presents pounding electronic music, an inimitable mixture of Techno, Downtempo and Pop. Tweaking her machines on stage Geffen is manipulating voice & music in diverse and edgy ways, combining a whole lot of rhythm and bass, singing & live sampling. Her mastery over the production work as well as her warm & thick voice juxtaposed with an explicit sensual attitude, creates a booming lush world where everything is allowed and vibrating. Geffen’s music is political, delivering a strong message using lyrics and sound as a tool of expression, addressing topics such as radical feminism, racism, everyday city life, social injustice and more. #B.O.M.B is a unique journey creating an intimate, interactive and fun sphere of joint vibrations using art, music and sound, bringing the joy of life back to the dance floor with some very heavy hard beats and rhythms. photo by: Good Jud The Live-Act is followed by an unique DJ-Set: Infinite Livez is a MC and artist who studied at Chelsea Art College. His wide range of influences comes from such diverse sources as P-Funk and Surrealism. His first album „Bush Meat“ was released on Big Dada Records in 2004 to immediate critical acclaim in the UK and abroad. Also known for Glorious Mono Live, a cutting-edge radio show and part of Reboot.FM, he presents exclusive artists and musicians with interviews and live sets – like tonight @ Eschschloraque, don’t miss the show!
  • Infinite Livez presents: Rona Geffen – Live - Flyer front