Super Girl Romantic Boys, Lifeless Past, Raderkraft & Djs

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    Super Girl Romantic Boys, Lifeless Past, Raderkraft
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  • SUPER GIRL ROMANTIC BOYS are coming back to the Netherlands!!! Their very first concerts resembled a sheer tornado: nostalgic sound, make-up, ecstatic dancing, and a completely disorientated audience, jumping over their heads from the very first chords. Super Girl and Romantic Boys preceded the era of a great '80s media revival and went hand in hand with the birth of lo-fi pop and electroclash aesthetics, to which they referred musically and ideologically. As a result of a misunderstanding between the band and their record label, their debut album was circulated among people for a decade as an avidly copied pirated material. It was only in 2013 that it was officially released by Antena Krzyku as "Miłość z tamtych lat" ("The love of those years"). At that point the band returned for good, creating a large media interest and attracting new fans for their danceable, synthesizer-based electronics - melodic with a hit-potential and a punk feeling, but still filled with melancholy and claustrophobia. This also applies to the lyrics, conveyed in the stylistics known from the Polish '80s, but based in the realities of the 21st century, verbalizing the loneliness and lack of emotional contact between people, who have been changed by the "cold glare of artificial cities". SGRB nowadays dissociate themselves from the popular and created purely for entertainment purposes electro, as well as the clichéd '80s kitsch stylistics. As they admit, their current efforts are being best described as post-new romantic. Lifeless Past is a post-punk/deathrock formation from The Netherlands that plays dark punk and new wave music inspired by the 80's postpunk and deathrock movement. Lifeless Past's aphotic straight forward songs convey a credible breeze from the past, with lyrics reflecting social affaires, personal experiences, romance and mental struggles. Their live performances are characterized by their cold 80's drum beats, redemptive lush guitar melodies, a haunting bass sound and ethereal synths. Raderkraft is a solo project by Willem Stinissen (1980) based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With his powerful analogue synth (bass)lines, knocking electro beats, and German vocoder sounds he takes you back into a time when electronic music was avant-garde punk and full of simplicity, minimalism and D.I.Y. mentality. Dj Schollenkoppen is a duo straight from the shores of Scheveningen beach. Dirty electronics and random doomish-disco-punk tunes for creature of the night not ashamed to show their best, ugliest and most random secret moves. DJ Silna (NL) is all about bouncing and experiencing some deep electronics and up-tempo disco. Headbanging always awaits around the corner. Sure you will find yourself asking for more! Doors open at 20:30 with DJ´s tunes ! Show at 21:00 Afterparty at 24:00 End at 03:00 +++Dont ForGet : MoiRa is A caSh Only ParadiSe+++
  • Super Girl Romantic Boys, Lifeless Past, Raderkraft & Djs - Flyer front