Lucas Croon & Mekine U Teksi & Alex

  • DJs: Lucas Croon(Bar/Stabil Elite/ Themes From Great Cities) Mekine U Teksi(Themes From Great Cities) Alex(From Galax) Düsseldorf's musician Lucas Croon works as a dj, producer and film-composer. His latest record „Schlachthofaufnahmen“ was released by Themes for Great Cities. 2018 will see new records on Oiwa, Aiwo and TFGC. Besides his solo projects Croon is known as a member of the bands BAR (Band am Rhein) and Stabil Elite. Mekine U Teksi is German/„Anatolian“ producer Duo consitent of Murat Göktas and Irfan Derin. Their accent is tinted by their experiences in Salon des Amateurs and being involved in rural and folkloric spheres. Their storytelling is affective and emotive. ALEX (FROM GALAX) is one of the upcoming young souls from Cologne. He’s hosting Thursday night events at Acephale and is creating with "Siamo Siempre Insieme“ warm and familiar sessions with his guest Acts from near and far . His music pushes the boundaries of wave influences and strange synthies mixed with everything in between.
  • Lucas Croon & Mekine U Teksi & Alex - Flyer front