B.L.O.O.M. presents: anu, Kerrie & Minimal Violence (Live Set)

  • We know it ain't easy being green, so to celebrate this holy day we're treating you to a triad of triumphant tunage! Rhythm Section affiliate and illustration extraordinaire anu will be joining us at The White Hotel. Unlike surprise visits from the painters, her NTS show is a time of the month we always look forward to. Her eclectic selection ranges from leftfield house, heart-wrenching techno to wonky electro and post-punk sounds. Having earned her place on the Dimensions Directory back in 2017, Stamp The Wax asked where she would turn to for inspiration. Her answer? Weed. An apt addition for our 4/20 festivities, we’ve got the hunchies anu will satisfy your munchies for some punchy, crunchy beats. The past 12 months has seen anu go sky high in more ways than one. Her Resident Advisor Live at Brilliant Corners and her Boiler Room sets had us yelling for “anuther tune!”. She also represented NTS at Uganda’s first edition of Ngeye Ngeye Festival. We can’t wait to welcome anu to this Salfordian party palace. After all... no anu no party. As the events programmer and in-house vinyl enchantress of the renowned Eastern Bloc Records, Kerrie holds the keys to Manchester's musical magic circle! In the last few years, Kerrie has ascended to unprecedented heights! In the preceding period for our party alone, she will be playing alongside Discwoman’s dynamic duo Umfang and Volvox in Leeds and Marcel Dettmann in Ireland. Kerrie is a triple threat - her DJing, production and mind-blowing live performances are all permeated by her unique analogue sound. Armed with her bag of tricks ’n’ tunes at The White Hotel, Kerrie’s going to be spinning techno, acid and your head! Having been nothing short of an inspiration for all of us at B.L.O.O.M. HQ, we’re hop, skip and jumpin’ for joy she’s going to be part of our tumultuous trio. Having formed their battle plans in 2014, minimal violence are a hardware-based (emphasis on the ‘hard’) Vancouver duo comprising of Ashlee Luk and Lida P. Their journey began with their first release on all-female label Genero which has since launched them right into the international bullseye with an artillery of house, techno and breakbeat releases on a multitude of labels including 1080p and R&S. Last year saw their debut release on Lobster Theremin ‘Acid Lakes’ contaminate heads around the world earning its spot on Mixmag’s top 100. With a second release on Lobster Theremin preparing for launch and whispers of a debut on Technicolour reaching the trenches, 2018 is going to see the minimal violence ladies expand their empire like never before. Personifying the punk perspective of dance music, their abrasive hard-knocking drum machines, Roland 303 baselines and unnerving melodies are not to be missed. WARNING! We suspect them to possess weapons of mass dancestruction!
  • B.L.O.O.M. presents: anu, Kerrie & Minimal Violence (Live Set) - Flyer front