Brave! Factory Festival

  • Attention!!! Tickets are available only at the door. Price 2145 UAH full ticket and 1155 UAH day ticket (starting from 10am 26th August). Notice that you have -15 % discount when you pay with MasterCard. All told, we invited about five dozen independent artists and built five (or even six) stages/dance floors for them, as well as a gallery of everything that we’ve found at the plant. Why even bother with it? To rethink and redevelop an industrial object. To bring something vibrant and ornamental to these cold, utilitarian workshops, storage spaces and hallways— art, music and seemingly unfounded joy. There’s a certain irony here: industrial dignitaries are meant to fear artists and musicians who come with thousands of independent spectators to dance in their factory. But instead they dared to accept them and even laugh together with them. Sometimes it seems that the era of consumption has come to naught. But alas. We will declare the rest soon. And will tell you about the location.
  • Brave! Factory Festival - Flyer front