The Gardens of Babylon: The Monastery & Three Neverending Nights

  • Angel, IT IS HAPPENING! Before you a dream to share, a dream to create and a dream to live by. You must realise by now that you will be part of something very special that is about to happen.. The Gardens of Babylon is going to host its first WEEKENDER. Three never ending days and nights! Before you continue to read. Let’s close our eyes first and go back to all those moments that we experienced inside The Gardens of Babylon. Imagine all the smiles we shared, all the love we felt, the open and kindness, imagine all the music and decor. Surrounded by our family, it was those moments that we felt we belonged. It is time that we invite each other to go into depth and spend three NeverEnding Nights together. It is like we take the crowd of The Dunes of Babylon or The Seekers of Light away for one weekend. To play, to learn, to listen and to enjoy. Close your eyes again and hear the music, feel the vibe, feel the sun on your skin, walk the Stargazer Walk, dance till sunrise, do the yoga, visit the Market, hear the jazz, do the workshop, have the dinner, kiss the stranger, hug the family. Be & belong. It's there. Your questions will be answered here. For now all you need to do is to save the date: �July 27 - 30. It was decided by the Universe. We could work with this particular date. So we apologies for those that need to choose between adventures this weekend, but every choice is the right one. Forever ours, The Gardens of Babylon Stay in touch: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Soundcloud:
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