Solid-Grounded Festival 2018

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    Pär Grindvik (Stockholm Ltd.) Zenker Brothers (Ilian Tape) Stenny & Andrea (Ilian Tape) Oliver Deutschmann (Vidab Records) Marcel Heese (Tresor Berlin) Asquith (Lobster Theremin) Route 8 (Lobster Theremin) Deadbeat (BLKRTZ/Echocord) Binny (Orbis / Monnom Black) Jonas Palzer (LACKREC.) Gian (LACKREC.) D-IX (LACKREC.) DJ Damien Eie (Street Life Rhythm) DJ speedway (Street Life Rhythm) DJ Halland (Street Life Rhythm) Iron Curtis (Hudd Trax/Smallville) Steve Challier (Tresor Berlin/House of Waxx) Chloé Lula (Aufnahme + Wiedergabe) Frederic. & Gutter (Selected) Discult Soundsystem (D-Mood/Piston Records) stevn.aint.leavn (Beste Modus/Certain Circles) Beddermann & Dahlmann (Plötzlich Musik) Kontny & Stache (No Hype/Niejeliebt) Stanisluv & Turner (We change the Weather) Marc Brauner (We change the Weather) Fackov & Jones (True Dance Grooves) Dj Workout (True Dance Grooves) Unknwn Intrsctn 89 (True Dance Grooves) Tobias L (True Dance Grooves) COTP (True Dance Grooves) Johannes Hillmer (Mandatory) Rvmon (Mandatory) Nostique (Mandatory) Gutter (Mandatory) Amore Galore (Lost Boys) Max & Malte (Lost Boys) Ellosophy (Gutzeit) Audioport live (Ears & Eyes) Leving (Setisfacton) Binto & Henny (Ho Lee Funk/ IPSE) (Horseland) Pasqualino (Morlox) Venator (Volume Records Berlin) Dj Manu (Berlin) Dj Pegasuz (Berlin) DJ Ronny Lite aka Daito (Rituals/ Front Left Records) Skeeter (Berlin) 65 Shapeshifters b2b Linko (Dark Real Dark) AlexKidd (Berlin) Codecks (Berlin) Kuchen (Niejeliebt) +more TBA soon Bands / Liveacts AMKB Zed Leppelin DIE NEUE SACHLICHKEIT MCNZI Code Flamingo +more TBA
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  • Banging techno in a former army bunker complex is what raving in Germany is all about.
  • online tickets: We are extremely pleased and proud to present you the first SOLID-GROUNDED Festival. We have found the perfect place for our festival outside the city limits near a former bunker complex of the East German armed forces, or NVA: a place that contrasts with nature which is reclaiming the area, a place that promises to offer the setting for something special. SOLID-GROUNDED is a festival organized by friends for friends, a festival for underground sound lovers, music lovers, free-spirits and humanitarians. We want to support crews who have flown the flag of techno and house music in their communities over the last few years, who have moved to damp cellars, parks, clearings and old factory buildings in order to create free spaces for their sound outside the big clubs. There’s no sell-out, no name-dropping – the line-up consists of the crews and a few acts we care about. We wish to create a pleasant, informal atmosphere for you, and to be able to offer you exactly that we have set a limit of our tickets. Invite your crowd so that they have a chance of getting tickets.