Soichi Terada x Hunee x Tiago

  • Soichi Terada Soichi Terada returns to Lux in a wholly different scenario of attention to Japanese electronic music. His early 90s production was already a consequence of a certain Far East in perfect, peaceful touch with itself. The safety of knowing himself a part of another universe resulted in Soichi Terada naturally tweaking, adjusting, applying familiar sounds to House and Drum & Bass. Over on this side, we listen to his music and almost have a glimpse of the rising Sun. We're not trying to write poetry, he is. Watching him play live is a special, warm human experience, one of those moments when it's not just the music but the person playing - or showing - it who is communicating directly with us, following the most basic rule: to find a common ground. And let's not fool ourselves, we aim for that common ground every time we're down on the dancefloor. In the eternal game of influence and inspiration sustaining popular music, maybe Soichi Terada's love for American Deep House was essential to emphasize his Japanese colours and give some culture back to the Far West. Pure fantasy? We're here. HUNEE Any self-respecting DJ claims his own personal style but ultimately the truth is revealed by our eyes and ears. While watching Hunee play we immediately sense his commitment to the music, his focus on the choice of records and, once the mix is achieved, his display of almost relief brought by the sheer happiness of keeping a beautiful narrative alive. His exuberance in the booth is totally connected to the records, his movement follows the rhythm, he doesn't try to impose it. From the universal ground of House, Hunee is creative with his choices and spreads throughout the set records and styles that best support his message. And if we believe music is in fact all the necessary message in a club, it's also impossible not to notice when a DJ's body language is pleasure-inducing and when he/she effectively acts as a generous mediary. Hunee (just notice the name Hun Choi chose) sends out a clear transmission of consequence and good vibes. What else is special? He reintroduced Soichi Terada into the circuit with the "Sounds From The Far East" compilation in 2015.