Tin Man - Official Movement Pre-Party

  • Tin Man is best known for his melancholy acid productions, but did you know he's a beast of a techno DJ too?
  • Proper presents the official Movement festival pre-party for Vancouver featuring: TIN MAN (Global A / Acid Test) Proper welcomes Tin Man back to Vancouver to deliver a 2-hour DJ set. Producing music for more than a decade, the named master of the neo acid scene, Vienna’s Tin Man continues to evolve and invigorate with each and every release. Tin Man is an artist in the truest sense of the word. Over the last decade now the man born Johannes Auvinen has explored an ever evolving sound palette that touches on house, techno and ambient. Much like his namesake’s character in the Wizard of Oz, he has been on a mission to find his true self, except this Tin Man’s medium has been music. Most recently the California born producer and live act has been responsible for reinvigorating the acid scene with his unique and cerebral manipulations of real Roland 303s. His tracks have been laced with slow and subtly shifting patterns that are infused with a very real machine soul and exude captivating warmth. “I started fiddling with music when I was in college,” he says. “I was collecting records, anything electronic; from ambient to techno to computer music. When I was out of school, and had steady work, I bought some gear and then tried imitating the music I liked with mixed results.” Before long though he found a sound that was truly his own and has continued to do so over and over again ever since. December 2017 saw him preparing a reinterpretation of his track "Nonneo" as featured in Resident Advisor, about which he had this to say: "I just wanted to look at it from different angles, add some different parts and expand it a bit to find out what it's about, really." RA summed it up well: For the last 13 years, Auvinen has dedicated himself to an investigation of acid, the iconic sound popularised by the Roland 303. It's an ongoing quest that's produced a discography littered with deeply affecting club music. Tin Man tracks recall the emotional purity of dance music's early years, a timeless blend of melancholy and bliss. Auvinen has made music influenced by pop and classical, incorporated his own vocals, and collaborated with artists like Cassegrain, Donato Dozzy, John Tejada and Gunnar Haslam, but the results always have the distinctive sonic hallmark that Auvinen has so carefully cultivated. Overland (Acid Lab) Vancouver's Jodie Overland is clearly enthralled by Roland's silver box and has dedicated her music exploration to the wide territory roughly bounded by the term "acid." Through her original productions that hew closely to the raw jack of the Chicago Trax style to pitchy and smooth to propulsive and aggressive, you'll find a spectrum of acid styles within her sets that demonstrate what a varied and versatile instrument the 303 can be. When looking for a local act to stand alonside Tin Man, Overland was our clear choice. Kasey Riot (West Trax / East Van Digital / Hotline) When we put out the word we were looking for DJs to include in future lineups there were a few that really stood out from the crowd, and several that towered. Kasey Riot is firmly in that top tier. Having recently returned to Vancouver from a spending a year setting fires on dance floors in London, Berlin, and Ibiza, Kasey brings an impeccable ear and a highly tuned dynamic groove to her mixes. Most recently she found her groove in the London music scene dropping her signature sound at clubs like Ministry Of Sound, Egg, Fire, Kit Kat Club in Berlin and several appearance in Ibiza over the summer of 2017. 2018 is looking promising back in her hometown of Vancouver with a regular schedule of underground events and forthcoming releases on East Van Digital and Berlin’s TK Records. Official Movement Pre-Party In partnership with Paxahau, Proper is presenting this party as an official Movement Pre-party. Leading up to this event we will have a contest where you could win a pair of General Admission Weekend Passes for this year's Movement festival in Detroit. For more information about Movement, please see: http://movement.us
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