Ploink Festival 2018

  • PLOINK FESTIVAL is a new, annual festival in Bergen, arguably the techno capital of Norway. The festival aim to celebrate techno on three different stages through one full night of dancing. OCTAVE ONE will perform one of their incredible live sets in the main room, co-headlining the festival! STACEY PULLEN, from the second wave of Detroit, will make a rare visit to Norway for the festival to co-headline the main room, playing last, after Octave One! Spanish technolegend TADEO will headline the Dark Room after +PLATTFORM have performed live, fresh with a norwegian Grammy award for best electronic album (released on Ploink in 2017). JOAQUIN RUIZ, the rising star from Argentina is coming.. NORDENSTAM will headline the Mirror Room, performing his insane stellar hardware live set! RONNY RABALDER, FREDDIE, NITE SITE playing back to back with LEMUR, are visiting from Oslo, Kristiansand and Stavanger. Local heroes MISS MOSTLY, THOMAS URV, CHRISTIAN TILT, RICHARD BLANCO, IDA NERBØ, WITCH PRINCESS and TORD will all be playing. VJs LUPO and ADAMEK will present their raw visual art while Strobemaster Gogstad will do his thing in the Dark Room. All event details and full artist biographies will be presented soon!
  • Ploink Festival 2018 - Flyer front