Womb (w/ Ewa Justka, Graham Dunning, Dane Law)

  • Womb: This new, intimate space will be transformed by Mira Varg across multiple rooms. Her artwork ‘Foetus Techno’ is the inspiration for the night, and an expanded version of this work has been commissioned by Edited for this event only. See the original installations here - http://miravarg.com/foetus-techno/ There will be three musical stages throughout the night. Harmonic Conception to the Introduction of Rhythm to an Intense Release. All live acts, all night, including; Ewa Justka, Graham Dunning, Dane Law, Aurelia Trojanovska, Kazimierz Wieliczko, Patricia Puertas. ‘Rave is the flagship of today’s shamanism. It indicated a gathering of people who dance to synthetic music with the rhythm of 120 beats per minute - also the heartbeat of the embryo in the womb. It explores the connection between the embryonic womb state and techno/acid house music. There is something more to dancing, perhaps we enjoy it because it subconsciously reminds us of our embryonic womb state.’ - Mira Varg Artist Lineup and Musical Stages: Harmonic Conception - 1st Act Coming Soon Patricia Puertas - Patricia Puertas is an experimental sound artist and designer of Colombian heritage, residing in London, UK. After completing a BA in Graphic and Media Design, Patricia is doing a Master of Research in Communication Design at the Royal College of Art, focusing in new technologies and rhythm, as tools for supporting the well-being of children with autism. Having performed at the British Museum and Royal Academy of Arts, Patricia’s live sound performances move on a fluid canvas of field recordings, samples, grooves and live improvised sounds, that are also present on her DJ sets that mix a variety of ambient, rhythms,heavy percussion and smooth grooves (depending on the mood/context) Patricia co-curates audio-visual platform Sense and works for Experiment Intrinsic. https://www.patriciapuertas.com/ Kazimierz Wieliczko - Kazimierz’s music practice is focused on communicative aspects; while performing gives space for mistakes as well as new ideas, marking specific context related to the audience as well as himself. Often he questions dogmas or copies them blatantly. Somewhere between cacophony and harmony, he’s a nice dud :) Dane Law -‘Exploding pop and techno into cathedrals of euphoric shattered tones' - The Wire. https://soundcloud.com/thedanelaw / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVkW1uVTbDw&feature=youtu.be Introduction of Rhythm - Aurelia Trojanovska - Aurelia have started their music journey as a regular contributor to performance art event known as The Chronic Illness of Mysterious Origin, situated at Dungeons of Polymorphous Pan, deep dark moody basement of district Holloway in London, UK. Since unspecified times, better located in terrestrial timeline as 2016, they have been creating sounds and now they are ready spread them through the aeons. techno / drone / ambient / IDM live project performance artist. https://soundcloud.com/au-relia Graham Dunning - Presents Mechanical Techno. - ‘The whole set up is enormously precarious and part of the drama comes from the fact that it might all teeter out of sync or collapse at any moment. If the trend in recent dance music has been to artfully engineer a certain wonkiness into an otherwise strict digital framework, Dunning has found the appeal of the precise reverse: struggling to maintain grid-like rigidity in a system inherently antagonistic to it. – Wire Magazine.’ His live work explores sound as texture, timbre and something tactile, drawing on bedroom production, tinkering and recycling found objects. Much of the work evolves through experimentation with different processes: considering the methods by which sounds become music; process as a continuum encompassing both improvisational and procedural methods; and testing analogous processes across different media. Graham has performed solo and in ensembles across the UK, Europe and Canada, and exhibited in the UK, Europe, New Zealand and USA. He teaches Experimental Sound Art at the Mary Ward Centre in London and also gives various independent workshops. He has released through Entr’acte, Seagrave, Tombed Visions and more. https://grahamdunning.com/ Intense release - Ewa Justka- A polish electronic acid-technoise artist (oh, how edgy), self taught instruments builder and electronics teacher based in London.  She is also interested in the notion of materiality of objects, vibrant, ontological systems (human bodies, electronic circuits, integrated circuits: varied range of micro and macro environments and relations between them) and an investigation of modes of quasi-direct perception through extreme light and sound actions, electronics, hardware hacking, breaking, deconstructing, wiring - or, to put it bluntly - designing synths and playing hard techno.  Ewa has performed and led workshops at festivals and venues like:  Loop Festival, Sonic Acts, Supernormal Festival, Club Transmediale, STEIM,  Colour out of Space, Unsound Festival, Norberg Festival, Insomnia Festial, Cafe Oto, and more. http://ewajustka.tumblr.com/
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  • Womb (w/ Ewa Justka, Graham Dunning, Dane Law) - Flyer front